Sakura-no-Yama Park

A spectacular place to see airplanes and take photos of cherry blossoms.

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A perfect location that is known as “Plane-Spotting Hill”. Used for filming TV programs, it has also been selected as one of The Top 100 Views of Chiba.
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さくらの山公園 Komaino Narita, Chiba Prefecture
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You can view flowers throughout the four seasons and get a close-up of planes

Sakura-no-Yama of Narita City is a park situated on a small hill to the north of a 4000-meter runway at Narita Airport. It’s popular for being able to see the departure and arrival of airplanes at close range. You can also enjoy the rare sights of seeing the moment when the tires of a plane at takeoff tuck into the fuselage with the white steam coming off the wings. You will feel like cheering when the plane goes over your head as it roars by. It’s also spectacular when a plane approaches for arrival close enough so that you can almost touch it. Being able to see all kinds of planes is just one of the attractions. 73 airline companies service Narita Airport involving 91 cities overseas and 11 cities within Japan for a total of 102 cities. It’s also fun to take photos of jumbo jets and airbuses and foreign airplanes with their colorful bodies and unique designs along with the flowers throughout the four seasons. In the lush green park, 350 cherry trees are planted and with the multicolored flower fields, they are visited by many people in the spring.

Illumination and a tourist product building are also available as the park becomes even better

Chiba Prefecture suffered greatly through damage such as liquefaction in the 2011Tohoku Earthquake. Hoping for a quick recovery, an illumination show started from 2012 which occurs from December to March from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. As the park gains in strength year by year, a lighting ceremony by the mayor of Narita on the first day is held with the Narita tourism mascot, Unari-kun, in attendance. The illumination takes on a magical atmosphere. In April 2015, a tourist product building will be opened as enjoyment in the park becomes even better.

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