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Come and meet the friendly deer at Nara Park with its many World Heritage sites

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There are numerous World Heritage sites in this park at the base of the lush green mountains. Some examples are Todaiji, Kofukiji, and Kasuga-taisha. The friendly deer, said to be messengers from the gods, will come to greet you.
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Nara Park is located in the center of Nara

Ever since the capital moved to Nara in the year 710, people have loved this location for the many historical cultural properties found here, and for the historical feel of the area and its climate. On the massive 660-hectare site of Nara Park in the center of Nara, you will find such World Heritage sites as Todaiji, Kofukiji, and Kasuga-taisha, as well as the Nara National Museum, which houses a number of National Treasures, including works of Buddhist art. The many ponds create a beautiful scene among the green landscape, across from which are the gentle slopes of Mount Wakakusa and the primeval forests of Mount Kasuga, which spread out magnificently. The historical buildings have long coexisted harmoniously alongside the nature of this city park, which is more beautiful than any other in the world.

Nara Park is also famous for deer. Deer crackers (shika-senbei) are sold inside the park so you can enjoy feeding the deer, which are raised not with artificial feeding but as wild deer that are a Nationally Protected Species. Deer have long been valued as messengers from the gods, so they have continued to coexist in this park without fear of man. (Please beware that the deer can become boisterous during mating season.)

In addition to the cultural treasures, there is a beautiful old thatched-roof Japanese tea house where you can get matcha, coffee, and sweets, as well as light meals, such as soba and udon noodles. It is reasonably priced and it is a good place to take a break from walking.

Nara Park is full of nature, but the beauty of that nature is particularly outstanding during the cherry blossom season in early April. The sight of the 1700 cherry trees within the park in bloom was selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom locations in Japan. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy playing with the deer, and the beauty of the temples that have coexisted alongside nature for 1300 years at Nara Park, which is stunning in every season.

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6 years ago
Deer Park!
Many adorable deer are there. I was so surprised. You can try giving deer cracker. First you may feel scary, but it's fun experience. I saw some deer ran after people who had cracker, so be careful.
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7 years ago
A lovely stroll with cute deers.
The park is filled with adorable deers who are considered spiritual animals in Japanese Shinto culture. It is a lovely place to see the cherry blossoms in spring or just to have a picnic.
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8 years ago
Oh Deer!
Nara park is really cool. Situated in the middle of Nara, it's easily accessible and most likely, the reason you came here. The deer here are a mixed bag. You can pat them most of the time, with no trouble. Sometimes they may bite you or head-butt you. But they are wild animals, so caution is advised. Don't buy the deer biscuits, a group will rush you and probably headbutt you until you feed them. A much funnier activity is to watch OTHER people buy the biscuits and watch THEM get rushed. Never gets old, hahaha. But seriously, the park is beautiful and full of wonderful things to see. The food is expensive and sometimes absolutely horrible. Be careful what you eat.
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