One of the three major metropolises of Japan, alongside Tokyo and Osaka. Plenty of history, industry and cuisine.

Area Characteristics

Nagoya is the major city in Aichi Prefecture with an area of 326.43km2(126mile2)which makes it bigger than the nation of Malta. It ranks alongside Tokyo and Osaka as one of the three metropolises of Japan, and the city is separated into districts such as the downtown core, the south which includes Nagoya Bay and the northeast which has the large Ryokuchi Park.

Major Sites

Nagoya Castle which is one of the three great castles in Japan, Tokugawa-en Garden, the Tokugawa Art Museum, Atsuta Shrine and other historical and cultural sites, along with industrial tourist spots such as the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology and the SCMaglev and Railway Park, and the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium and the Higashiyama Zoo provide plenty of reasons to enjoy Nagoya. The downtown area is also popular for the cherry blossoms of the Yamazaki River and Shiratori Gardens as well as for the district of Sakae and Midland Square.



In Nagoya, when it comes to miso, there is the red miso using Hatcho Miso. Red miso is a regular ingredient when making dishes such as doteni (beef simmered in miso and onion) and miso oden. There is a distinct Nagoya food culture which includes dishes such as tenmusu (shrimp tempura put into rice balls), hitsumabushi with thin slices of grilled eel on rice, and Nagoya Cochin which is one of the country’s top three brands of chicken. Even the Nagoya breakfast of toast and a fried egg just for the price of a cup of coffee is known all over Japan.



From Tokyo Station by the Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Nagoya takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Transportation within the city can be used conveniently by the Nagoya sightseeing route bus, Me-guru, and the subway.



There are many hotels for tourism and business. Along with accommodations around Nagoya Station, there are other places in the Fushimi, Sakae, Ohsu and Kanayama areas that are also recommended.