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Inuyama is a city with lots to see including 2 National Treasures

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Construction was completed in 1537. The existing castle towers were built upon a slightly elevated mountain and the awareness of constant war is understood from things such as the steep stairways and the hidden rooms for soldiers. The view from the highest floor is of scenery that could only be seen by the strongest warriors.
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Inuyama Castle, Kitakoken-65-2 Inuyama Aichi Prefecture
(0568) 61-1711

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Thoughts of warrior plans in the 1500s

A castle whose memories of historical figures can be realistically thought about up to now is uncommon. The differences in the reconstruction of some buildings is evident. By no means is it a big castle, but we would like you to come and visit a place that has plenty of memories of the lifestyle of warring commanders.

Visiting this castle, you can feel the plans and zeal of the warriors who continued to protect it and also get to know the making of this Sengoku Era castle.

A castle that cannot show itself simply

A Sengoku Era castle was designed so that it was difficult for enemies to breach. The path that went past the front gate twists so a straight path to the castle wasn’t possible. It was also built on a hill to make attack difficult, but climbing the stone-paved slope for a while can get you access into the castle.

An interior that always anticipated the enemy

Enter the castle after taking off your shoes. The actual entrance is in the basement, and part of the stone wall is uncovered. The ladder-like stairs are very steep. Along with watching your step, it is also necessary to be careful not to bump your head on the low beams running among the pillars.  This was also in consideration of preventing a full attack during an enemy invasion. In addition, there are also ishi-otoshi windows from which to drop stones, tsuke-yagura attached towers to attack from the flank, hidden rooms for soldiers and other Sengoku Era tactics against enemy forces. Currently, there are suits of armor, folding screens and other exhibits on display which are very popular.

Tenshukaku (Castle Tower)

The highest floor has a 360-degree view. Called the mawari-en, the corridor that encircles the floor is outside the castle which is unusual. Because the wood would rot if snow piled up, construction on cold ground was impossible. At the very least, the wonderful view can make one feel fully like the master of the castle. The surrounding edge goes no higher than one’s knees so it’s not even as tall as a shelf which means there is a thrilling aspect.

There is one good point behind the reason for Inuyama Castle avoiding destruction. Whenever it was known that a strong enemy was on the way, there was a quick surrender and no resistance. At any rate, the existence of a castle built over 400 years ago is a valuable experience.

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