Sights in Nagasaki

Gunkanjima (Battleship Island)

Gunkanjima, an island that has remnants of the miners’ lifestyle during the postwar period of high growth

Mt. Inasa

Mt. Inasa’s night view has not only been chosen as one of the top 3 in Japan but also as one of the new top 3 in the ...

Glover Garden

Glover Garden, the residence of a foreign trader who contributed to Japanese history

Nagasaki Peace Park

Nagasaki Peace Park, pushing forward the hopes for peace from the tragedy of the atomic bombing


Dejima, the only open trading port for 200 years during Japan’s “Sakoku” (closed country) era

Meganebashi (Spectacles) Bridge

Japan’s oldest arch bridge known as one of the nation’s top 3 bridges

Kazusa Dolphin Watching

An encounter rate of 99%! See a pod of wild dolphins within just 15 minutes

Oura Church

Oura Church, where a miracle in religious history occurred with the discovery of Christian believers for the first ti...

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

An aquarium specializing in penguins which you can observe right beside you

Huis Ten Bosch

A resort facility that re-creates the streets of Middle Ages Europe surrounded by flowers.

Kofukuji Temple

Kofukuji Temple, Japan’s oldest Chinese temple which brings forth the trading city of Nagasaki in the Edo Era to the ...

Nagasaki Dutch Slope

Nagasaki Dutch Slope is an area where many foreign residents lived and is overflowing with an air of exoticism

Shimabara Peninsula

Japan’s first global geopark, Shimabara Peninsula and Shimabara Castle Town/Onsen Village

Nagasaki Chinatown

A Chinatown in Japan where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine born in Nagasaki

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

Encounter the sea life of Kujukushima at the aquarium and cruise among the 200-odd islands in the area

Confucius Shrine Museum

A shrine dedicated to Confucius, revered as the god of learning and morals, and a historical museum on China

Shimabara Onsen

Shimabara Onsen with the overflowing elegance of the capital of water, Shimabara City

Unzen Onsen

A resort which includes Unzen Jigoku (Hell) with its plumes of white gas and a trip through the sky at 1300m altitude

Sofuku-ji Temple

An atmospheric Chinese-style temple of the Obaku sect of Zen Buddhism with national treasures

Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall Gamadasu Hall

Japan’s first museum to relate the threat and lessons of volcanic disaster to future generations