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The residence of a foreign trader who played a part in Japanese history

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Together with the nation’s patriots, Thomas Glover contributed to Japan’s industrial field and accomplished the modernization of Japan. Glover Garden was the residence of foreign traders active during the 1860s. You can see a panoramic view of Nagasaki Harbor from the garden.
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Glover Garden,8-1 Minamiyamatemachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
(095) 822-8223

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The residence of foreign traders has been preserved in its original state

Centering on Glover Residence, Ringer House and Alt House which have been nationally designated as Important Cultural Properties, these are 6 facilities which had been located throughout the city as Western-style buildings in the 1860s before being dismantled and restored. These residences of traders who loved and lived in Nagasaki have been preserved in their original state, and the interiors have been recreated to show the lifestyle of that time. Glover Residence is Japan’s oldest surviving wooden Western-style house and was the home of Scotland-born Thomas Blake Glover who traded in weapons and ships. It was revealed that he had gone beyond his position as a foreign trader for Japan’s reconstruction, and assisted in sending many young Japanese people to study overseas. Furthermore, Glover contributed to modern scientific technology in Japan and pioneered in the fields of shipbuilding, mining, fishing, steel manufacturing, minting, and beer production. In the roof above the corridor by his wife’s room in Glover Residence, it’s said that there is a hidden windowless room from where the patriots during the final years of the Tokugawa shogunate went in and out, and it’s known that Glover had been a historic mastermind contributing to reformation at that time. Glover Garden is built on a slope reflecting Nagasaki’s unique topography, and from the residence garden you can enjoy a panoramic view of Nagasaki Harbor and Mt. Inasa, and there are flowers planted in the garden all throughout the four seasons. Night illumination is also available on a seasonal basis so you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere. In particular, during the summer (end of July to beginning of October), there is a beer garden within the garden area where you can enjoy a meal in an open atmosphere while viewing an 1860s landscape and the modern and beautiful night view of Nagasaki. On the weekends, there is also live music. Rentals of audio guides in English, Chinese and Korean are available.

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6 years ago
East meets West
Glover Garden is the perfect example of acculturation between the eastern cultures and the west. The garden consists of several buildings in the complex that the Glover family used to own back in the days. The garden is located on top of a hill, so travelers must hike a little bit in order to explore it. The view from the top is quite breathtaking; the complex was built facing the shore, and visitors could easily enjoy the view of the sea. There are also a lot of other tourist spots nearby such as churches and European styled schools. It is quite worth the trip.
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