Ueda Castle

One of Japan’s 100 Famous Castles which twice survived attacks by the Tokugawa army

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Ueda Castle which became famous for its impregnable defenses is now established as a castle ruins park and has become a tourist destination for Ueda City as a famed site for century-old Japanese zelkova trees and 1000 cherry trees.
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Uedajoseki Park, 2 Ninomaru Ueda-shi, Nagano
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A famous castle known as an impregnable fortress

Ueda Castle which is located in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture was built in 1583 by Masayuki Sanada, a military commander during the Sengoku (Warring States) Era who battled against Ieyasu Tokugawa, and is a famous castle which fended off attacks by the Tokugawa army twice. It had no keep but there were 7 watchtowers in the old castle. Three of those watchtowers still survive: the Western and Southern watchtowers plus the Northern watchtower which can be entered for sightseeing; all of them are Nagano Prefectural Treasures. The Ueda City Museum which is connected to the Northern and Southern watchtowers can also be visited through a common ticket. The magnificence of the defenses for this castle on the plains including the cliffs facing the southern Amagafuchi and the large rocks 2.5m high and 3m wide laid as the cornerstones has brought a high degree of popularity to the castle for history buffs and castle geeks.

Ueda Castle Ruins Park which is also popular for its cherry blossoms and autumn colors

Ueda Castle Ruins Park which was created from Ueda Castle has been known as a famous place for cherry blossoms where about a thousand cherry trees are planted including Yoshinos and weeping cherry trees. The Ueda Castle Senbon Cherry Blossom Festival is held during April where visitors can enjoy local dishes, nighttime illumination of the blossoms and other attractions. Within the park, there is a path lined with Japanese zelkova trees which are over a century old, and every year from late October to early November, there is a festival to celebrate the colors of the zelkovas. The path which has been recognized as a Japanese Nightscape Heritage site is lit up and there are events where you can enjoy history such as trying on some of the armor.

The legendary Sanada Shrine

Sanada Shrine is located within Ueda Castle Ruins Park and is visited by many people to get their share of good luck. In the back of the shrine, there is a well that is 2m in diameter and 16m deep known as the Sanada Well which goes as far as the foot of Mt. Taro at the northern end of the castle and was said to have been used as a secret passageway.

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