Sights in Nagano

Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza Street

This commercial district in the venerable resort area of Karuizawa is filled with restaurants and stores

Shaw Memorial Church

Karuizawa’s oldest church is a product of the original settlers of Karuizawa

Kumoba Pond

A quiet and relaxing area where the four seasons of Karuizawa are reflected on the pond surface

Manpei Hotel

The trailblazing path of a resort hotel that has retained its formal atmosphere

Old Mikasa Hotel

An elegant building which tells of its development in the resort area of Karuizawa

Kyu-Karuizawa Hotel Otowa no Mori/Kyu-Karuizawa Chapel

A hotel and chapel that best relate the dignity and history of Karuizawa

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

One of the best premium outlet malls in Japan located within a popular resort!

Shiraito Falls

An elegant waterfall from where underground water spouts from the rock face and falls like chiffon

Zenko-ji Temple

A non-sectarian temple that has gained a lot of worship under the phrase of “Visiting Zenko-ji Temple once in one’s l...

Togakushi Shrine

Japan’s highest mountain holy land enshrining the deities who forced open The Cave of Heaven

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Famous worldwide! Japanese macaque monkeys soaking in a hot spring in a bitterly cold and snowy valley

Shibu Onsen

The retro townscape that matches the traditional yukata and geta worn by visitors is an onsen town that has lasted fo...

Shinshu Venus Line

A highland sightseeing road linking popular resorts

Matsumoto Castle

The National Treasure of Matsumoto Castle. Its beautiful appearance has been maintained for 400 years thanks to the c...

Shirahone Onsen

A popular if secluded hot spring which boasts that if you enter it for 3 days then you will not catch a cold for 3 ye...

Daio Wasabi Farm

Japan’s largest wasabi farm using the snowmelt from the Northern Alps

Ueda Castle

One of Japan’s 100 Famous Castles which twice survived attacks by the Tokugawa army

Kappabashi Bridge

Kappabashi Bridge which is the symbol of Kamikochi is popular as a photo spot

Nozawa Onsen

An onsen town with various quantities of water and a variety of hot springs

Senjojiki Curl

A symbolic curl (basin) of Japan that was formed from erosion over 20,000 years