Mount Koya Danjo Garan

Witness Mount Koya’s 1,200 years history at Danjo Garan

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1,200 years have passed since the opening of Mount Koya. There are many highlights to see at Mount Koya Danjo Garan, including the Chumon Gate now being reconstructed and the special unveiling of Buddhist relics.
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Saturday ( 8:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
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Adult: 500 JPY
Children: 200 JPY
金剛峯寺 132 Koyasan 高野町 伊都郡 Wakayama
(0736) 56-2011

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Garan – a place where monks engage in Buddhist practices

Garan refers to a facility for Buddhist practice and/or meditation for monks. Garan is a collective name for an area that consists of seven main facilities: a main hall, a pagoda, a lecture hall, a bell tower, a scripture storage, monks’ quarters, and a dining hall. Danjo Garan is part of Mount Koya, the center of Shingon Buddhism. Along with Okunoin (the inner sanctuary), Danjo Garan is one of the two great sacred spots of Mount Koya. Dotted with nearly 15 buildings, Danjo Garan is a must see tourist attraction. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the sacred air of Danjo Garan.

A Buddhist world deep in the mountains

Enjoy the seasonal views of Mount Koya – cherry blossoms in spring, young tender leaves in summer, colorful leaves in fall, and snow in winter. Among the many highlights, worthy of special note is the large pagoda Konpondaito, the symbol of Mount Koya. The pagoda’s interior embodies the great monk Kukai(Kobo Daishi)’s idea of mandala. Visitors can enter the building to view Buddhist statues and wall paintings. Another highlight is the main hall (Kondo) which serves an important role as the headquarters of all Buddhist facilities in Mount Koya. Don’t miss the Buddhist themed paintings by Buzan Kimura decorated inside this main hall. Just another reason for visiting Mount Koya, coming up soon is the unveiling of the Chumon Gate which is now being reconstructed. Impressive Buddhist statues currently in temporary storage and newly created Buddhist statues will be placed inside this gate.

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