Shibazakura Festival (Moss Pink)

Pink shibazakura (moss phlox) grows like a carpet, with Mount Fuji in the background. Go and see this scenery that could only seen in spring.

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The Shibazakura Festival held annually from April to June is an event only held in the spring. You can walk among the 800,000 blossoms of shibazakura (pink moss). The towering sight of Mount Fuji beyond this carpet of flowers is impressive.
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Fields of pink blossoms spreading at the foot of Mt. Fuji

During spring at Fuji Five Lakes where beautiful flowers bloom, Shibazakura Festival is held during the peak season when the blossoms are at their most beautiful between April and June. Famous in the metropolitan areas for the largest landscape of blossoms with about 800,000 shibazakura and Mt. Fuji, still covered in snow, creating a beautiful ridge line in the background, the sight of shibazakura blooming everywhere is impressive. In addition, the three sceneries of the pink carpet of shibazakura, Ryuujin Pond and Mt. Fuji seen in one view is a superb sight that can only be seen here. Enjoy the arrival of spring while viewing the grand Mt. Fuji.

Enjoy walking through a shibazakura field

The site is made for enjoying walking while viewing the shibazakura. There are some pathways built in the shibazakura field and you can enjoy taking a walk in the middle of a flower field with that sweet scent. With an observation area and plaza along with a café, it’s also good for a short break. Also, how about trying a foot bath? A foot bath is an onsen for the feet only and once you dip them into the naturally bubbling warm water for a short while, they should recover from fatigue. On the grounds during the festival, it’s not just shibazakura but also anemone, grape hyacinth, mountain azalea, primrose and a myriad of other flowers that will be in bloom. Enjoy the majestic and lush green Mt. Fuji with the magnificent sight of vivid shibazakura while taking that flower-filled stroll that can only be done in spring.

Varied events and local cuisine

During the festival, various events are held on the site. There are events such as the Japanese Tea Packing event where you can pack as much tea as you like and the Adult Coloring event, any of which you can easily take part in while enjoyably meeting with the locals. Also, since local special products and hot food are available, you can get plenty of the local cuisine. As well, a stall selling Fujinomiya Yakisoba which won the 2006 B-Class Cuisine Grand Prix (a local comfort food contest) is open, so have a taste of the Japan-famous Fuji.

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8 years ago
A clear day is perhaps needed to fully enjoy the festival
I took a coach tour from Ueno to the Shibazukura Festival. The scenery along the way was simply breathtaking, and the actual area around the lake is an absolute delight. Sadly for me, the iconic photograph that I often see of the festival, a sea of pink, a lake, and a reflection of Mount Fuji, wasn't what I saw. A cloudy day and just my luck. The closest I got to seeing Mount Fuji, was a miniature Fuji decorated in shibazakura of pink and white. Still, a beautiful place, and a festival I will happily visit again next year, in hopes of capturing that iconic scene.
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