JR Kyoto Station

A huge terminal where you can also enjoy cuisine and shopping

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Kyoto Station is the gateway to the ancient capital, boasting a thousand years of history. In the Kyoto Station Building, there are plenty of restaurants and souvenirs symbolizing Kyoto. It has many attractions other than being a station.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 5:30 AM ~ 11:30 PM )
Sunday ( 5:30 AM ~ 11:30 PM )
Weekdays ( 5:30 AM ~ 11:30 PM )
8-3 Higashishiokoji Takakuracho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
(075) 000-2486

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The gateway to downtown Kyoto and the popular tourist spots

Kyoto Station is one of the leading terminals in Japan which has the 4 transportation companies of JR Tokai, JR West, Kintetsu and the Kyoto Municipal Subway running through it. Many city buses also come and go from the station, connecting with the main tourist spots in downtown Kyoto. Before you go on your tour, first head for Kyo-Navi, the tourist information center which is located on the 2nd floor of the Kyoto Station Building along the Nanboku Pedestrian Walkway. Tourist information on all areas within Metropolitan Kyoto is available in many languages.

With a hotel and a department store, it’s totally convenient!

To start and finish your tour of Kyoto, there is Kyoto Station Building right above the station itself. Starting with a department store and a hotel, there are many other establishments like restaurants, a theater, an art museum, and electronics shops. There is also the shopping mall to make the tourists happy, The Cube. From the cuisine of popular and well-established restaurants to traditional products gleaming with the techniques of craftsmen, almost all of Kyoto’s souvenirs are amassed here. You want to dine on something light, but you want something Japanese? In that case, try the Kyoto Ramen Koji on the 10th floor. Naturally, there is Kyoto ramen but there are popular ramen shops from all over Japan such as from Hokkaido in the north and Hakata from the south.

Treasure a vestige of Kyoto at an unknown spot

There is the popular Kyoto Station Building with its shopping and cuisine, but there is another place that is relatively unknown. It is the Sky Way which is on the top of a stairwell 14 meters above ground. From the glass-enclosed straight pathway, Kyoto Tower is right in front of your eyes. There are 4 observation areas, and you can enjoy the northern landscape from the station. And you can get a close look at the reinforcing bars used in the construction of the building and admire the beauty of the architecture. To get to the Sky Way, take the escalator by the Great Staircase inside the station. You will want to make a visit while waiting for the train.

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8 years ago
Worth a trip to the rooftop!
Kyoto station is one my favourite stations in all of Japan. It has decent shopping and a few great restaurant floors with all sorts of yummy shops! Taking a ride to the open rooftop of the station is worth it in itself. You get to the rooftop by a series of long escalators - giving you time to admire the interesting open-air architecture of the station. Once you reach the top, there is a very nice garden area, which is perfect for romantic dates or a free view of surrounding Kyoto. Definitely worth a visit if you are stopping by Kyoto station!
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8 years ago
The best train station roof in Japan?
Never mind the amazing shops, the fabulous restaurant, the easy access to the other parts of Kyoto. The highlight of JR Kyoto Station is the roof. The roof is amazing. To get a closer look at the roof, you can travel to the sky garden. It takes nine consecutive escalators to reach the top; a place called ‘Happy Terrace’. Here you can admire the views of Kyoto for free, and on the way back down the endless escalators, you can once again admire the roof.
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