Arashiyama is a prominent tourist spot in Kyoto where you can enjoy nature

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Togetsukyo Bridge is an elegant bridge symbolizing Arashiyama. The trolley trains and the cruise down Hozu River lets you enjoy nature throughout the four seasons. This is the place where you can feel Kyoto’s elegant atmosphere unified with nature.
Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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A popular tourist spot

Arashiyama is an area that includes Tougetsukyo Bridge which spans Katsura River and the mountain that soars up to command a view of the area. This is a quiet place that is surrounded by mountains which have had classic Japanese poems recited about them from long ago, and there are many various shrines and temples. Recently, along with the famous well-established dining establishments, there have also been Japanese-style cafes, souvenir shops selling miscellaneous goods from Kyoto, trolley trains, and river cruises down Hozu River, etc. so that Arashiyama is a popular tourist area where you can enjoy yourself in many ways.

Trolley trains and traveling down Hozu River

Fully experiencing the great outdoors through the trolley trains and cruises down Hozu River is recommended. Tickets can be purchased on that day, and we recommend going from Arashiyama to Kameyama by trolley train and then making the return trip by Hozu River cruise. While the trolley trains run slowly and elegantly through the mountain valley, you can enjoy the seasonal scenery of the cherry blossoms in spring, the new green leaves in summer, the changing leaves in fall and snow in winter on a one-way trip that will take 25 minutes (not in service in January and February). And then you can take the tourist boat cruise down the 16 km of mountain streams as you go down Hozu River over the next 2 hours. This is a popular ride down the river as the traditional boatmen row and you can get a taste of both the seasonal beauty of nature and some thrills. The ride down Hozu River is in operation all year, and in winter, there are boats with heated tatami mats. Walking around Arashiyama Station is another attraction. Around Tougetsukyo Bridge, you can rent rowboats and enjoy the scenery of Arashiyama nearby. A must-see place is Tenryu-ji Temple. Founded by Ashikaga Takauji in 1339, it has a beauty that is like a Japanese painting which takes advantage of the Arashiyama scenery. The Unryu-zu that measures 9 meters in diameter and is painted on the ceiling of the Hatto (Lecture Hall) is truly spectacular with its image of a dragon that no matter from where you see it, it seems to glare at you. On the north side of Tenryu-ji, a walking path extends out for 100 meters with the elegance of a bamboo forest.

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8 years ago
So much to do!
The mountain backdrop of Arashiyama is incredibly. The streets are lined with souvenir shops, restaurants selling local cuisine and street foods. Of course this is the location of the famous bamboo forest plus some very well renowned temples. You can take a rickshaw ride and be guided by a local as well.
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9 years ago
Best spot in Kyoto!
This is hands down the best spot in Kyoto There is a beautiful bamboo forest which will send your mind back into what you thought Japan would be, and fulfills those dreams. Nearby is a small street of shops selling traditional Japanese nick-nacks and trinkets along with traditional foods. At the end of the street is a wonderful river with a old bridge over it, it's a very nice view, especially in summer, with the green mountains in the background. There is also a monkey park over the other side of the river and slightly up the river, which has the best view of Kyoto. And monkeys, don't forget monkeys. Go to Arashimyama, you will not be disappointed!
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9 years ago
Time for the true beauty of the NATURE!
It was a wonderful day visiting here. Very beautiful sunshine, gentle breeze, fresh air and blue sky. Right after getting off the bus with my 1-day Kyoto bus pass, the first thing we saw was the magnificent Togetsukyo Bridge and Katsura River. We took some photos, then found a cool cafe called % Arabica Coffee next to the bridge. If you are craving for a sip of coffee, this just comes handy. Besides escaping from the city life and enjoying the nature, you can see monkeys and raccoon if you are lucky enough! Good luck!
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9 years ago
My favourite spot in Kyoto!
This is my favourite spot in Kyoto and every time I visit I am awestruck at the beauty of the place! Arashiyama has a variety of things to do, from trying out the local snacks to wandering vast gardens and bamboo forests - so its best to plan at least a half day here. Visiting in the autumn when the leaves change is particularly beautiful because the whole mountainside (and gardens) become a rich red and orange colour. My wife and I rented a boat for an hour on the southwest side of the bridge and it was a very romantic and peaceful row up the river. They even have little snack boats along the river where you can buy things like dango and ice cream! Apart from the scenic views, there are lost of restaurants and places to buy traditional goods and souvenirs. After walking around the area, you will probably be tired so I highly recommend you try the foot onsen near the randen train station. Here you can soak your feet in hot spring water and relax a bit before heading in to the city centre.
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