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A natural observation point from where you can see the Five Mountains of Aso and the Kuju Mountains of Oita Prefecture. The fresh greenery in the spring and the mountains that look like “Nehanzo” (lying down Buddha statue) floating over the sea of clouds makes a picture perfect view.
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Yamada, Aso-shi, Kumamoto

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A superb view which changes over the seasons

Daikanbo, which is located in Aso National Park, is an observation point on the highest peak of the northern outer rim of Aso at an altitude of 936m. From this point, you can get a view of the Five Mountains of Aso which resembles a sleeping Buddha called Nehanzo as well as the gigantic crater valley and the Kuji Mountains in Oita Prefecture so that it is the best spot in Aso for a 360-degree view. Access to Daikanbo is possible via car or tour bus around the area from Aso Station. The Aso Valley spreads out directly below the natural observation point where you can get the best seat for an unobstructed view of the Five Mountains. Looking at Nehanzo, to the left is Mt. Neko which makes up the face of the Buddha while to the right is Mt. Taka which makes up the chest. Meanwhile, Mt. Naka is the navel and Mt. Kishima and Mt. Neboshi are the knees. The most beautiful season is June and July when there is plenty of fresh greenery, but in November, when the variation in temperature during the day is great, you can witness a sea of clouds if you are lucky. The sight of the Nehanzo floating on this sea is truly mystical. Also, since the sight of the rising sun over the Five Mountains is awe-inspiring, an early morning visit is recommended. There is also a grassy plain that can be seen spreading out behind the observation point.

Enjoy the local cuisine of Aso

Nearby there is a tea shop at Daikanbo which serves fare specific to the Aso area and there is plenty of takeout. You can purchase items such as ice cream made from famous Jersey milk which is a specialty of Aso, kushiyaki with low-fat red beef broiled over charcoal, horsemeat kushiyaki from Kumamoto Prefecture, and Aso herb pork sausages, and enjoy a fine time on the bench at the observation point while taking in the superb view. If coming by car, you will want to make the extra effort to visit the giant rock, Oshito Ishi, nearby on the grassy plain, and Nabegataki Falls which is 9m high and 20m wide, and can be accessed from behind.

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