Top 6 Best Hot Springs in Kumamoto

With its proximity to the volcanic mountain, Mount Aso, Kumamoto has many hot springs to boast of. Kurokawa Hot Springs and Minami Aso Hot Springs are the closest to the mountain. There’s even a hot spring in Amakusa, which is a series of islands down by the west coast of Kumamoto. Below are 6 hot springs you may want to visit

Minami Aso Hot Springs

Minamiaso Onsen is made up of 5 hot springs: Tochinoki Onsen, Tarutama Onsen , Jigoku Onsen, Oaso Hinoyama Onsen, and Hakusui Onsen. At Tochinoki Onsen, surrounded by the forest of Mount Kitamuki, you can also see the southern outer rim of the caldera.

Address Kawayo, Minami Aso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
Access 15 min. by taxi from Aso Shimodajyo Fureai Onsen Station (Minami Aso Tetsudo Takamori line)

Tatsugashira Hot Springs

A secluded hot springs surrounded by a quaint atmosphere. It is a sodium bicarbonate spring so you’ll feel the water bubbling around you. It is a popular hot springs with the local people.

Address 620-1 Shisuimachi Tashima, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto
Access 15 min. by bus from Miyoshi station (Kumamoto Dentestu Kikuchi line)


Hitoyoshi Hot Springs

Established in 1910, the carbonated and mildly alkaline water makes your skin soft and supple. There are Japanese inns along the Kuma River and they offer a variety amazing baths like outdoor baths and baths made of cypress wood.

Address Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto
Access JR Hitoyoshi Station (JR Hisatsu line)


Kikuchi Hot Springs

Kikuchi Onsen, also known as Waifu Onsen, was found following a prophecy of a white dragon that appeared in a dream of an old man.The hot springs are all around the castle ruins. The temperature of the hot springs is around 45 degrees. It is effective in treating neuralgic pain and rheumatism.

Address Waifu, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto
Access By Kumamoto Dentetsu Bus bound for Kikuchi Onsen (70 min.) from JR Kumamoto station


Kamiamakusa Hot Springs

Kamiamakusa Onsen consists of 2 major hot springs, Oyano Town and Matsushima Town. It is one of the best marine resorts in Kyushu. It is surrounded by beautiful seas and it’s a great place to see an amazing panoramic view of the sunset.

Address Matsushimamachi, Aitsu, Kamiamakusa-shi, Kumamoto
Access From Amakusa airport, a rental car is recommended.


One famous trait of this “onsen” is the sight of people walking around in their “yukata” (summer kimono) touring the open air baths. You can use the “onsen pass" to tour multiple baths. The beautiful townscape and the first rate onsen will relax your mind and body.
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