Oyama Shrine

The main gate of this shrine has been constructed in Japanese, Chinese, and Western styles

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The unique design of the main gate of this historical shrine is impressive. It is a tourist spot where you can sense the rich history of Kanazawa.
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11-1 Oyamamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
(076) 231-7210

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Enjoy this cultural asset as a symbol of Kanazawa tourism

Oyama Shrine was established in 1873. There is a bronze statue of a military commander on horseback on the grounds of the shrine whose identity is Toshiie Maeda, the man to whom Oyama Shrine is dedicated. In the shrine, there is a garden which is centered on a pond whose serenity and rich greenery has had it designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in the prefecture. It is highly popular as a relaxing garden. Also, the highly dignified east gate with its carvings of dragons and clouds has been designated as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property. And then there is the famous main gate at Oyama Shrine which was constructed in Japanese, Chinese and Western styles. It was built in 1875 during the Meiji Era, whose 1st floor consists of 3 continuous arches made from brick. The 2nd and 3rd floors are wooden, and along with Western structures such as its curved roof, the gate also incorporates a Chinese architectural style which makes it an unusual building to see. Originally, it was the front gate to Oyama Shrine and it is said that it even had a role as a lighthouse. The top floor has stained-glass windows which shine brightly at night. It is this magical scenery for which it is known as a symbol of Kanazawa, and almost all tourists to the city visit for that reason. Incidentally, there is a lightning rod installed at the gate which is the oldest of its type in Japan. Furthermore, it is also close to the most famous site in Kanazawa, Kenroku-en Garden (one of Japan’s Three Great Gardens), so please visit both of them if you can.

Festivals at Oyama Shrine

There are festivals and events at Oyama Shrine all throughout the year. On New Year’s Day, there is the hatsumode with its many visitors, but there is also the Setsubun Festival in February, the Hyakumangoku Festival in June where a huge parade unfolds like a picture scroll of the history of Kanazawa which was a castle town, the Fukuju Festival in July, and many other events to mark the seasons and certain turning points in life. Check out the homepage if you are planning to come on a trip.

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