Kanagawa is a region located next to Tokyo filled with plenty of things to do at places including the sea, mountains and onsen

Area Characteristics

Yokohama is the capital for Kanagawa, a prefecture situated in the southwestern Kanto region next to Tokyo. There is a high population centering on Yokohama as a commuting area but the prefecture is also known for its convenient suburbs. The western part of Kanagawa Prefecture is mountainous while the east is hillier as the seaside area spreads out, and the prefecture is popular among day-trip tourists from Tokyo for its lush nature. Marine activities abound along the seaside communities, and Kanagawa is also famed for its abundance of onsen areas.


Famous Spots

Along with the major areas of the international harbor of Yokohama, Kamakura which had been the ancient capital of Japan from the 12th century, and the natural resort area of Hakone, there are plenty of other highlights such as the castle town of Odawara, the naval outpost of Yokosuka, and the Shonan area along the coast. Onsen resorts such as Yugawara have also been known since ancient times.




Kanagawa is famous for its wagashi (Japanese sweets) in its historical areas, seafood dishes along the coast, and Sagami pork and Hayama beef raised in lush nature. Also, in the naval outpost of Yokosuka, the local Kaigun curry (Navy curry) is popular. Kaigun curry came from an old recipe that was made by seamen long ago.




From Tokyo, it takes at least 30 to 40 minutes by Tokaido Shinkansen to reach Yokohama and Odawara. To reach Kamakura, it takes about 1 hour by JR Yokosuka Line. The Yokosuka Line can mainly be used to reach all areas in Kanagawa. The trains operate frequently so day trips are convenient from Tokyo and local buses operate in each of the cities and towns which also make it handy for tourists.




Modern hotels surround the stations in cities such as Yokohama and Kawasaki but in the onsen areas along the coast and in the mountains, there are Japanese-style ryokan. The onsen ryokan can range from inns available for 10,000 yen/night to high-class facilities.