Angel Road

Angel Road only appears twice a day. It is a trail said to have been visited by the angels.

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Depending on factors such as the sunrise, sunset, and how much light there is, Angel Road changes its appearance. It is a form of art created by a beach that appears only during low tide.
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During low tide twice a day
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A beach road which only appears 2 times a day

The popular tourist area of Angel Road which is also known as an area for lovers on Shodoshima Island is a beach trail that only appears twice a day during low tide as it connects Shodoshima with Bentenjima, Nakayoshima and Koyoshima Islands. As a fascinating place which disappears for most of the day, it was given the name of Angel Road sometime in the past for its impression of happy angels alighting on the area. A romantic spot that is said to bring happiness to couples who stroll on the road while holding hands, it has also been used as a TV and movie location.

A popular spot as a lover’s paradise

Right by the entrance to Angel Road, there is the Yakusoku-no-Oka (Promise Hill) Observation Point from where you can look down upon the road and get a great view of the Seto Inland Sea while couples can make their vows for eternal love and even ring a bell. In addition, on Nakayoshima Island, there is a place where couples can write their wishes on ema votive pictures or scallop shells and decorate them on a tree. The shells and ema are available at a store operated by the local tourist association while heart-shaped ema are sold at the nearby Shodoshima International Hotel. A park area near Angel Road has a shop and tourist information center operated by the tourist association, free parking, washrooms, a foot bath to wash off the sand and other facilities. Furthermore, right in front of Angel Road at the Shodoshima International Hotel, the restaurant and café overlooking the sea are recommended.

Providing a myriad of expressions in the early morning, dusk and during illumination

Angel Road slowly emerges from about 3 hours before scheduled low tide, and at around the lowest point, it can be traversed for about 2 hours. The road which is lit up at night during low tide is also romantic. Please refer online to the Angel Road Tidal Schedule for the Tonosho-cho Shoko Kanko-ka (Tonosho Town Commercial and Industrial Tourist Section).

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