Tour World Heritage sights, dine on the fruits of the sea and enjoy some sake while soaking in bubbling hot springs.


Located in northern Japan, Iwate Prefecture is the second-largest province among Japan’s 47 prefectures next to Hokkaido. With a total area of 15,275 km2(5,898 mile2), it is larger than the world’s 160th-largest nation of East Timor(14,919 km2 = 5,760 mile2). That being the case, Iwate has numerous areas to see such as the ocean, mountains and highlands.


After enjoying World Heritage sites such as Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture’s largest city of Morioka which is the starting point for any sightseeing and the beautiful Jodogahama Beach which is said to be a paradise on Earth, you can also head for places such as Hachimantai where you can soak in the bubbling waters of an onsen while sipping on some sake.



If you’re looking for cuisine, Morioka is the ideal place. The 3 greatest noodle dishes of wanko soba, jajamen and Morioka reimen can be found in Morioka City. The seafood to be found off the Sanriku coast is also famous. This area which has cold and warm currents making contact is well-known as an excellent fishing ground with great hauls and as one of the top three fishing areas on the planet. Sea urchin, scallop, salmon and abalone are especially good.


Getting Around

The JR Tohoku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is convenient to reach Morioka and Ichinoseki from Tokyo. With the stations there as your starting point, renting a car is handy. There are also plenty of long-distance bus lines running among the cities of Iwate.



There are accommodations at Morioka Station where the Shinkansen stops as well as Ichinoseki Station which is the launching point for any sightseeing in Hiraizumi.