A pure Japanese onsen inn surrounded by primeval forest, it provides healing from a simple mountain hospitality and supreme waters

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Matsukawa-so is located in Hachimantai National Park which shows natural beauty all throughout the seasons. Travelers will be warmly greeted by the natural milky-white waters and dishes using local ingredients. The view from the open-air baths is spectacular!
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Matsukawa onsen, Matsuoyoriki, Hachimantai, Iwate
(0195) 78-2255

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A relaxing Japanese-style inn within an environment that makes full use of the blessings of the mountain

Matsukawa Onsen Village which is located on the Iwate Prefecture side of Hachimantai National Park at an altitude of 850m is surrounded by a primeval forest. Within this village, there are four onsen inns of which one is Matsukawa-so. Among the many beech trees, you can enjoy a hot spring while getting that up-close feeling of Mother Nature in Iwate. The open-air bath which is very close to the trees has a wonderful view throughout the year whether it is the green leaves of spring, the colors of fall or the snows of winter. The meals are products of rustic beauty abundantly using homegrown vegetables and local ingredients, so that you can sample cuisine only found on the mountain such as river fish, helmeted guinea fowl, mushrooms and sansai vegetables. Furthermore, Matsukawa-so is an inn that focuses on the ecology making full use of the mountain’s resources with features such as a geothermal plant providing energy inside the inn. There are also many opportunities for leisure nearby with valley trekking, winter skiing, etc.

An open-air bath to enjoy the view of the beautiful natural forest all throughout the seasons

The hot springs at Matsukawa-so use 100% source springs which boast milky-white and mineral-rich waters. The waters are excellent for warming your body down to the core and even contributing to beautiful skin. Along with the indoor baths of the onsen, there are also open-air baths with beautifully-placed rocks against the background of the natural forest to provide a beauty that is just like that of a Japanese garden. And if you wish, you can even have a sip of sake inside the open-air bath via a bucket floating in the tub to relax both body and mind. The open-air bath is mixed bathing but for those who are uncomfortable with the concept, there is also an outdoor bath open only to women (there is no outdoor bath just for men). The open-air bath is also equipped with a roof so it can be enjoyed even during rainy or snowy days, and bathers can feel as one with the four seasons. Along with accommodations at the onsen, Matsukawa-so also provides a service for people on day trips so that they can enjoy dropping in easily for a soak.

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