Kita Yamazaki

Take a dynamic walk along the grand panorama of precipitous cliffs that boast “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline”

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The elevated plateau that rises from the sea floor has been carved over eons by glaciers and huge waves to form a topography of cliffs. This sight has been dubbed the Alps of the Sea, and is an epic scenic beauty that runs for 8 km.
北山崎, Kitayama, Tanohata, Shimohei, Iwate Prefecture
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Yamase, a wondrous forest, and cliffs that spread out

Kita Yamazaki, which is situated at the northern part of Sanriku Fukko National Park, is an 8km-long and 200m-high set of cliffs which is one of the predominant scenic beauty spots that never fails to amaze visitors with its grand panorama. That beauty has been called “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline” which has received the nation’s only Special A-class distinction through a National Travel Resource Evaluation by the Japan Travel Bureau. On the upper part of the perpendicular cliffs along the shoreline, there are beech trees and huge pines making up a forest where you can enjoy a stroll through nature while admiring the wildflowers of the four seasons. Also at the shore region, there are the rhododendrons, which have their peak season from June to July, providing the coast landscape with a certain prim gaiety. From late May to June, there is a dense fog called Yamase which appears and envelops the ocean surface and cliffs like clouds creating a mystical view. At Kita Yamazaki, which is overflowing with mystery, you will want to fully capture and experience Mother Nature in its purest glory.

Various plans to fully enjoy the sea and forest

At Kita Yamazaki, which brings together the beautiful landscape of sea and forest, there are various ways to enjoy it, but first the nature trails are recommended. Kita Yamazaki Nature Trail, which has been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Walking Trails, and the Unosu Cliffs Nature Trail that draws an arc over the 200m-high precipice are among the trails where you can fully appreciate the picturesque scenery of Kita Yamazaki and the breathtaking view of the coastline while taking a break during trekking. Also, the Kita Yamazaki Cliffs Cruise is in operation as it arrives from Shimakoshi Port, and as you enjoy feeding the seagulls chasing the boat, you can get that amazing scenic view from the ocean that can only be found at dynamic Kita Yamazaki.

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