Kamaishi Sakura Festival (Toni Daimyo Procession)

A large festival with 300 years of history. The highlight is the atmospheric daimyo (feudal lord) procession that passes under the cherry trees

Held once every 3 years, a large festival at Amaterasu Mioya Shrine that takes place during the season of cherry blossoms. The traditional entertainment of Shinto dancing and singing that speaks of the town of Toni is offered to the gods, and a daimyo procession whose participants are garbed in ancient clothing winds its way through the town.
Business Hours

Around the end of April. The exact day it is held varies from year to year. 9:00am-3:00pm Subject to change depending on the year it is held.
天照御祖神社社務所 Katagishi-30-1 Tonicho Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture
(0193) 55-2138

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