Sights in Ishikawa

Shiroyone Senmaida

A nostalgic rural landscape with a beautiful contrast between ocean and terraced rice paddies

Mitsukejima Island

An island with Ishikawa Prefecture’s singular romantic beach where you can hope for that wonderful encounter

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

The only road of its type in Japan! A scenic beach on which any type of vehicle can drive on

Notojima Aquarium

Meet dolphins and otters. A participatory aquarium with plenty of events

Wajima Morning Market

The famous morning market which has lasted for 1000 years. Fresh seafood and special products are available at 200 bo...

Natadera Temple

A sacred place that has existed since before Christ, Natadera is a cave temple which has been called “The Mother’s Womb”

Kaga Traditional Village Yunokuni No Mori

Experience genuine handicrafts in Kaga where magnificent traditions live. This is a theme park for traditional handic...

Ubagataki Falls

A beautiful waterfall which is said to resemble the long flowing hair of an old woman

Noto Satoyama-Satoumi Train

A tourist train going through the landscape of one of Japan’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS...

The World’s Longest Bench

Special seating for viewing the sunset sinking into the sea, one of the world’s longest benches lies along a white sa...


A natural cave mouth formed from the erosion of rough waves, the giant rock’s protrusion into the sea provides pictur...

Wakura Onsen

The spring of excellent water percolating from the ocean makes for a relaxing onsen for body and soul

Yamanoshita Temple Group

The colorful sight of the 500 arhat statues is incredible. The group of temples is located in the town of Daisho-ji T...

Kutaniyaki Art Museum

Major works of Kutaniyaki porcelain are lined up here. This is an art museum of gorgeous chinaware that is the pride ...

Yamashiro Onsen Ko-Soyu

A restored hot spring bathhouse from the Meiji Era! The retro interior is also attractive

Kutaniyaki Kiln Museum

Japan’s oldest surviving climbing kiln for Kutaniyaki pottery, a tradition that has been passed down over the generat...

The Temporary Abode of Rosanjin: Iroha Souan

An old-fashioned Japanese house in the town where the artist Rosanjin once lived and became involved with ceramics