Sights in Ibaraki

Ami Premium Outlets

Open for 2 years, it’s a popular outlet mall that has increased to 150 stores


One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan which boasts the wonderful scenery of a Japanese garden. Coming up with a way...

Hitachi Seaside Park

200ha of park! This grand park by the sea is a paradise of flowers all-year round.

Mt. Tsukuba

Multiple hiking courses to satisfy a wide variety of visitors from beginners to advanced hikers

Ushiku Daibutsu

Experience a new sensation of the Buddha at a place under protection by the world’s largest bronze Buddha

Lake Kasumigaura

The 2nd-largest lake in Japan is a natural treasure trove with hobikibune sailing on it

Ibaraki Flower Park

A botanical park which boasts 30,000 roses from all over the world that resembles something out of a European painting

Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge

The longest bridge in Honshu arching across the sky with the impressive symbol of a dragon

Fukuroda Falls

With an alternate name of Yodo Falls, it is one of Japan’s Three Great Waterfalls whose appearance changes throughout...

Asahi Beer Ibaraki Factory

Have free samples of Japan’s No. 1 beer at their 60m tower

Tsukuba Space Center

The nucleus of Japan’s space development. Experience cutting-edge technology close-up

Aqua World Oarai Aquarium

The largest ocean museum in the Kanto region with Japan’s largest collection of sharks

Kasama Art Forest

A park where you can see, touch and experience art only in the setting of a pottery town

Hitachi no Kuni Izumo Grand Shrine

Another Izumo Shrine branched off from the original Izumo Grand Shrine of Shimane Prefecture

Senba Lake Walking Trail

Located in the center of the city of Mito, this is a relaxing nature trail around Senba Lake which can be seen from K...

Kashima Shrine

The oldest shrine in the Kanto region. Kashima Shrine as the headquarters for 600 smaller shrines in the country has ...


The school where the last Tokugawa shogun was educated is a nationally-designated Important Cultural Property which e...

Tsukuba-san Shrine

A 3000-year-old shrine that reveres Mt. Tsukuba as a sacred mountain