Lake Kasumigaura

The 2nd largest lake in Japan with the “hobikibune” boat sailing on it is a natural treasure trove

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Taking up a third of Ibaraki Prefecture, Lake Kasumigaura is the 2nd largest lake in Japan, next to Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. There are “hobikibune” boats and excursion vessels, symbols of summer there, along with “onsen” and other leisure facilities.
Kasumigaura, Ibaraki
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A beautiful landscape that has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Landscapes in Japan

Lake Kasumigaura expands from the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture into northern Chiba Prefecture. The expansive surface of the water can, depending on the season, exhibit a myriad of expressions throughout a day. Mt. Tsukuba which can be seen from the lake also draws out the richness of the scenery. The best viewpoint in the area is Tennouzaki Park which is located on a piece of land protruding into the lake where you can get a panoramic view of the lakeshore. It is also known for its lovely evening view with a beautiful contrast of Mt. Tsukuba, Lake Kasumigaura and the setting sun.

Excursion cruises, a hobikibune tour, an amphibious bus and other forms of lake tourism

Excursion ships operate all year round from Tsuchiura Port. You can feed the seagulls when they come between October and April while enjoying the scenery at Kasumigaura. On Saturdays and holidays from late July to mid-October, the hobikibune fishing boats are also in operation. These boats have huge sails which are 9m high and 16m wide, and under the power of the wind, their nets are cast to catch fish such as smelt via traditional fishing methods. Currently, they are operating as tourist vessels and can be seen from the boarding point for the excursion ships and Kasumigaura General Park. The Kasumigaura Duck Tour is an enjoyable trip where the bus can not only ride on land but also cruise on the lake. The part where the bus enters the water has plenty of thrills.

Tourist sites around the lake

The area around the lake is also famous for the many lakeshore onsen where you can get a great view of the beautiful waters. There are also onsen facilities where you can view Lake Kitaura and the Pacific Ocean so that you can get full enjoyment of the water. Kasumigaura Fureai Land is a water theme park which is also popular with children. The park has many facilities such as the Water Science Museum, the Rainbow Tower and Shinsui Park, and it’s alive with children during the summer.

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