Asahi Beer Ibaraki Factory

have free samples of Japan’s Number 1 beer in their 60m tower

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You can observe the beer making process on the factory tour and you can also take a stroll through the garden. The beer sampling at the end of the tour takes place in the 60m high tower. Drinking beer with a view of the Kanto Plains is an exceptional experience.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Reservations required [close] No scheduled holidays. Please check the official homepage.
Asahi beer Ibaraki Factory, 1-1-1 Midori Moriya-shi, Ibaraki
(0297) 45-7335

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Japan’s Asahi Beer has the nation’s largest brewery

The Ibaraki factory opened in 1991. Its 130,000 sq. meter grounds include Japan’s largest beer manufacturing line. In its beer division, 6 brands are brewed including the brand with the largest share in the nation, Super Dry. Outside of the factory, there is a battery of 150 fermentation tanks which can hold the equivalent of 1.4 million 350ml cans of beer! The part of the factory where the final stage of packaging takes place also has jet machines of considerable size. The sight of the many lines going at full speed is incredible.

Looking forward to the beer tasting at the end of the tour at the 60m tower

The factory tour lasts for 90 minutes in which you get a deep understanding of the fermentation process through actual handling of the hops and malt, tank models and a video of the fermentation taking place. After the tour, the beer tasting takes place atop the 60m AIM Tower where you can drink up to 3 tumblers of 4 types of Super Dry. The snacks that are provided with the beer are only found at the Asahi Beer Factory. Popular and delicious, they can be bought as souvenirs at the 1st floor gift shop. Soft drinks are also provided so even non-drinkers can enjoy themselves. That one glass while looking over the Kanto Plain is an exceptional experience.

A beer factory ideal for a garden stroll

Another highlight is the lush open garden within the grounds. Located in front of the orientation theater before going on the factory tour, observers inside the factory might feel that they are right in the middle of the water since the pond has a higher location. In the garden, there are about 30 types of trees and flowering plants, and you can take a walk through the area before and after the tour.

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3 years ago
A first-class tour
Shttle bus from the station to the factory, located in a most beautiful setting. A warm reception. Attentive guide, who checked from time to time to see that we non-Japanese speaking English-speakers were keeping up with the audio for English. Up to three glasses of beer for beer tasting. A recounting of the process including waste recycling achievements and the history of the factory. Topped off by up to three beers at the end. A gracious send-off by the two guide-hostesses responsible for our group as the shuttle bus drove off back to the station. I never believed that a beer-factory tour would rank as one of the top tour visit experiences I have had.
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