Hokkaido which has a plethora of dairy farms is a sweets heaven! Smack your lips at some of the finest sweets in Sapporo

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Ingredients which are indispensable in the making of sweets such as high-quality milk products and fruits are manufactured in great quantities in Hokkaido. In Sapporo, there are popular spots where famous desserts from all over the prefecture are gathered. Have your fill of some of the most refined sweets.

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Sapporo Sweets Café Open 10am-8pm
Address: Aurora Town, 2 Odori Nishi, Chuo ward, Sapporo

Tel: 011-211-1541

Sweets Floor inside ODORI BISSE on the 1st floor Open 10am-8pm(hours will differ depending on the shop)
Address: Odori Bisse 3-7 Odori Nishi, Chip ward, Sapporo

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