Lake Toya

The 9th biggest lake in Japan and one of the Three Great Landscapes of Hokkaido

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A lake located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Lake Toya is a caldera lake formed from volcanic activity. Along with nature and the surrounding landscape, you are completely free to enjoy the onsen and the outdoors any way you like.

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A huge natural environment blessed with flora and fauna

With Shikotsu-Toya National Park in the surrounding vicinity, Lake Toya has also been registered as a Japanese and World Geopark. Furthermore, it is one of Hokkaido’s foremost tourist spots that has been recognized for its myriad beautiful views that have been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Views. It also boasts status as Japan’s 3rd-largest caldera lake as well as a picturesque spot to see Mt. Usu and Mt. Showashinzan, and even Mt. Yotei off in the distance. There are islands in the center of Lake Toya which are collectively called Nakajima which are famous as the habitat of the Ezo deer. You can get to the islands by excursion boat which leisurely provides a view of the lake. There is also a forest museum on Nakajima, and you can even take a stroll of the forest using a guide. It’s a great idea to schedule a walk through Nakajima where you can encounter the seasonal blossoms and the swans while surrounded by Lake Toya.

The parks surrounding Lake Toya where you can relax

There are plenty of parks surrounding Lake Toya, each with its own character and view where you can enjoy a fountain plaza right by the entrance to Lake Toya Onsen Village and a lakeshore trail that goes all the way around Lake Toya. In fact, there are many walking trails such as the Waterfront Forest Lane (Takarada Nature Observation Trail), the Nishiyama Sanroku Crater Trail where you can stroll in a primeval forest along the lake and around the crater. On top of that, there is also a footpath where you can walk and experience the charm of Lake Toya.

The onsen around Lake Toya which anyone can use

Around Lake Toya, there are onsen under the management of the town of Toyako which can be used while enjoying the scenery of the lake. There are also footbaths that are also available for use. Some of that spring water can also be taken away for home use at the onsen vending machines, something that is unique even in Japan. In Lake Toya Onsen Village, there are hotels and ryokan to stay at. While viewing Lake Toya, you can spend a luxurious time while relaxing in an onsen.

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Beautiful Sight
It is a very humbling experience. I am glad to experience it, and I would love to visit this place again.
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