Cape Kamui

The contrast between the clear blue sea and the rugged precipices is amazing

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At Cape Kamui, the most popular place on the Shakotan Peninsula, a 360 degree view can be seen from the tip of the cape that protrudes into the deep sea.
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Kamui-misaki, Kozakicho, Shakotan, Shakotan District, Hokkaido
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The beauty of the Shakotan Blue is breathtaking

Shakotan in Hokkaido is a beautiful marine tourist destination that has been designated as the prefecture’s only “underwater quasi-national park” where the clear blue of the ocean is known as Shakotan Blue. Cape Kamui is located on the Shakotan Peninsula overlooking some steep precipices for which there is a 770-meter nature trail known as the Charenka Route starting from the parking area. After walking the route for 20 to 30 minutes, a huge 300-degree panoramic view will spread out and you can view the curving horizon. Also, at the end of the cape, there is the ledge known as Kamui-iwa. Long ago, there was a story that a former love of Yoshitsune Minamoto by the name of Charenka drowned here and turned into rock. Contrary to the legend and ruggedness of the cliffs, Cape Kamui has been very popular as a place to enjoy the breathtaking Shakotan Blue. Also in early summer, brilliant yellow blossoms of Ezo daylily appear everywhere. You will definitely want to walk on the trail and get close to the wonderful marine view where the Shakotan Blue is at its clearest.

2 Shakotan capes with different characteristics

Aside from Cape Kamui, there are 2 other capes in Shakotan. There is Cape Shakotan with a variety of flowers and wild birds where you can enjoy trekking. You can also view the reefs of the Shimamui Coast down below. The second is Cape Ogon with its beautiful sunsets and where crab fishing can be enjoyed. It is a cape that is littered with strangely-shaped rocks, but the sunsets that can be seen here color the surrounding area in deep red, and the area is known as Japan’s No. 1 version of Luoyang, China which is also known for its sunshine. Along with Cape Kamui, from any of these three capes, the beautiful Shakotan Blue can be enjoyed.

Shakotan and its tasty cuisine

If you come and visit Shakotan, you will be able to sample the delicious fruits of the sea. What is particularly famous there is fresh sea urchin. Open season for sea urchin is from June to the end of August, and this specialty which has been raised in the mineral-rich waters of the Shakotan sea has an unforgettable taste. Along with sea urchin, seafood can be enjoyed all throughout the year such as salmon, squid and tuna.

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