Hirata Tourist Farms

The cultivation of 150 types of fruits in 13 large and small orchards makes for one of Japan’s largest farms

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Within the 12ha of the farm, fruit-picking is possible all throughout the year. Along with workshops, there is also a café and a petting zoo among other facilities so that the entire family can enjoy their time there.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

March-November:AM10:00~PM5:00 December-February:AM10:00~PM3:00 [close] March-November: Open every day December-February: Thursdays and Fridays
Hirata Farm, Uedamachi Miyoshi-shi Hiroshima
(0824) 69-2346

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Enjoy picking a maximum of 10 types of fruits

In addition to the regular all-you-can-eat price for 1 type of fruit, there is also the new popular style known as “Chodo Gari” where you can go through the various fruit orchards and pick out and eat a few of the fruits you like. All sorts of fruits can be eaten depending on the season such as pears, chestnuts, grapes, apples, strawberries, cherries, Japanese plums, prunes, blueberries and peaches. It’s recommended that visitors check about which fruits can be harvested on the homepage beforehand. There are also plenty of original products which are popular as souvenirs.

Plenty of workshops and in-farm cuisine

The 150-year-old residence-turned-café, noqoo, is also popular as a place on the farm where you can relax a bit while enjoying 2 examples of baked goods and a coffee along with an in-house meal. In the fruits pizza-making workshop, start with the kneading of the dough and then place the fruits that you’ve picked before having it baked in a genuine pizza oven. At the monthly outdoor workshop events, there are various activities including spore plantings for shiitake mushrooms, birdhouse making and transplanting of strawberry seedlings. Check the schedule beforehand since there are also many requests on that day.

A petting zoo for the whole family

There is also a petting zoo in this large farm where you can encounter and even feed animals such as rabbits, goats, sheep and pigs. There is also a stamp rally held on the farm through which if you get all of the stamps, you can get coupons for items such as ice cream. And there is also playground equipment for the kids so Hirata Farms is ideal for the family for an entire day.

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