Buttsu-ji Temple

One of Japan’s foremost Zen training centers known also as a site for the autumn colors

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Many people come to visit this temple which is not only a regular place for worship but also a Zen training dojo for groups. The entirety of Buttsu-ji Temple is famous as a site for the autumn colors and it is a place which you can also enjoy for its shop selling small Japanesque articles and a teahouse.
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Saturday ( 8:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
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Buttsu-ji, 22 Takasakacho Motoyama Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
(0848) 67-5877

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A temple famous nationwide as a Zen training center

The temple is located deep in the mountains some 50 minutes away by bus from Mihara Station. Although there are the fall colors, the new leaves of spring are also beautiful and the entire area which has been designated as a prefectural natural park is a temple which can be enjoyed throughout the year. Buttsu-ji which has a 600-year history as a Zen training dojo is frequently used by groups for Zen meditation meetings and sutra copying. Within the temple grounds, there is a shop Sesshu-tei Kikusui which deals in pottery and small Japanesque items with an adjacent teahouse which uses the pottery sold at the shop. The goma dofu (sesame tofu) using sesame seeds cultivated by the owner and local farmers is a popular dish.

Many temple treasures designated as Natural Monuments and Important Cultural Properties

The Buttsu-ji Gankiin Jizo-do Hall built in 1406 is a statuesque and beautiful structure of the Muromachi Era. Inside the building, it has a Chinese-style dais for a Buddhist image which represents one of the traditional Japanese temple architectural styles. The Kenponchakushoku Daitsuzenji-zo is an oil portrait of the Zen priest Shukyu Guchu. Both have been nationally designated as Important Cultural Properties. As well, the temple has many notable sights such as the nationally important art work of the Sekizo Hokyoin-to inside the Kaisan-do Hall and a wooden statue of the priest which has been designated by Mihara City as an Important Cultural Property, along with the prefecturally-designated Natural Monument of the giant Inumaki tree.

One of the foremost places for the fall colors in Hiroshima Prefecture

The best time to see the colors is in the first two weeks of November. The 300m mountain trail which goes from the free parking area to the gate is one of the foremost places for the fall colors in the prefecture with the huge colorful trees forming a maple tunnel. The maple trees whose leaves take on a fiery red glow in the sunlight has a breathtaking beauty. These trees are also lit up at night during the season, and it is only during this time that the popular Momiji Café is open during weekends and holidays.

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