Top 10 Best hot springs in Hiroshima

After visiting several museums and sightseeing many places in Hiroshima, what could be a better idea than to enjoy Japan's culture and customs by visiting a hot spring? In Hiroshima, there are some fantastic spas and hot spring places that you can visit. For example, Miyahama Hot Spring or Miharashi Hot Spring on the mainland near the sea. But on Miyajima Island too, there are ryokans that come with hot springs. Or how about you try the luxurious Megahira Hot Springs in the more mountainous area? Megahira has a bath carved out  of a 45.000-year-old tree outside with stunning views of the area! Check these and other hot spring places out in the list below!

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1. Miyajima Onsens

Coming to Hiroshima, you cannot miss some of the enjoyable hot springs in Miyajima island. Most of them are provided by the ryokans or hotels and spas of the island. Some hot springs offer a day package of bathing and a meal for day visitors, not to mention for hotel guests. It is splendid and perfect to ease the fatigue and refresh yourself after walking around Miyajima. Some of the popular hot springs are Michinoeki Spa Rakan with many types such as Alkaline Simple Springs, Radon Springs (Radioactive Springs), Radioactive Springs, Cold Springs, or  Ushiobara onsen Matsukawa, Tokoroyama, etc..

Access: 10 minutes by ferry from JR Miyajimaguchi Station, and 5 minutes walk from Miyajima Sanbashi Pier.

2. Oasa Kanbiki Onsen

Let's go to "the Kanbiki hot spring" in ski center "Gin no Mori" the third floor after sliding.

This is the prefecture's first ski resort guest house with a spa. You can enjoy three varieties of spa experiences - a bubble bath, a sauna and a cold water bath. Reservation is required. It is opened daily during ski season.

Admission: 300 JPY/ adults, 200 JPY/ children.

Address:820 Oasa-cho Yamagata-gun Kitahiroshima Town, 731-210

Phone :+81-(0)826-82-3920

Access: 1. Approximately. 15min from Hamada-express Way.2. Highway bus bound for Hamada, and get off at Oasa IC. Then, you will need 15min to get there by taxi. 3. Take a local route bus bound for Oasa. Get off at Oasa station, then go 5min by taxi.

Parking: Available for large-size bus and 700 cars.

3. Nukui Springs

Opened in 1992, the spa resort hotel by Nukui Dam has spa water from a cold well with simple weak radium which effective against upon neuralgia, fatigue, excessive sensitivity to cold and high blood pressure, or chronic digestive diseases. You can also enjoy the sauna and a bubble bath. Next to the spa resort are all-weather tennis courts covered in sand grass, the Nukui Natural Ecological Park, and Nukui Dam.

4692-7 Kake-cho Yamagata-gun Akiota Town, Zip code 731-3501

Phone :+81-(0)826-22-1200

Opening Hour : Bathing time: 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., 15:00 p.m. - 24:00 p.m- The sauna: available only at night.

Access:  70 minutes by car approximately from the highway junctions in Hiroshima City. Approximately  20min from Togouchi IC, Chugoku-express Way. Public: Approx. 8min from Old JR Kake Station by taxi.

Parking: Parking Available (50 cars, large-size bus is available )

*Note Tennis court: one court costs 1000yen for each hour.

4. Takamiya Yunomori Hot Spring

Takamiya Yunomori Hot Spring is famous for the redevelopment of the Daisen no Yu Spa with more than 100 years of history and has been used as therapy by guests since historical times. The spa is a natural radon spa that is said to be effective against skin diseases and eye problems; you can enjoy eight varieties such as the open-air spa…

Address:1787-1 Harada, Takamiya-cho Akitaka City, Zip code 739-1805

Phone :+81-(0)826-59-0059

Access: Approximately 10 minutes by car from Takada IC, Chugoku-express way.

Parking: Available  120 cars, large-size buses are available

Admission: Adults (Over Junior High School Students): 500JPY. Children: 300 JPY

5. Miharashi Hot Spring

Possessing the highest temperature of 45.1 degrees Celsius, Miharashi Hot Spring is one the best spots among spas located in Hiroshima. You can see the view of Seto Inland Sea right across Route 185, and the bath with the view is very popular. There are Sauna and over 10 kinds of bathtubs. You can spend the whole day relaxing at the big amusement spot. Also, the guests can enjoy the water by staying at the hotel overnight as owners change the men's' and women's bath place with each other, in making the arrangement depends on whether that day is an odd day or an even. There is also an open-air spa on the top, facing the ocean. Another hot-spring hotel for long-stay guests named ‘Yume-no-Yado’, or Dream Inn is open adjacent to this Miharashi hot spring.

Address:765-866 Sunami-nishi-machi Mihara City, Zip code 723-0032

Phone :+81-(0)848-69-1611

Access: Approximately 25 minutes by car. from Miharakui IC of Sanyo Expressway. 2/ Approximately 15 minutes. by bus from Mihara Station and get off at "Miharashi onsen-mae" bus stop.

Parking: Available ( 230 cars, large-size bus is available )

Fee: Adults/1,410 JPY. Children/ 630 JPY.. Membership discount and other set-discounts are available.

6. Miyahama Hot Spring

This is a quiet spa with four inns and hotels, built on a low hill along ROUTE 2, has a view of the Inland Sea. The spa type is cold that has weak radiactive properties. These inns and hotels are popular in the Hiroshima and Iwakuni areas. You can enjoy fresh fish from the Inland Sea and sake brewed in Hiroshima together with the splendid view of Miyajima Island. Especially delicious are oysters caught in the Ono no Seto in front of the spa, and you can enjoy an oyster at dinner during the oyster season.

Address: Miyahama onsen Hatsukaichi City, Zip code 739-0454

Phone :+81-(0)829-30-3533

Access: 1/ Approximately 8 minutes. from Ono IC of Hiroshima-Iwakuni road. 2/ Approximately 25-minute walk from Noura Station of JR Sanyo Line

Parking: Available

7. Megahira Hot Spring

This modern resort lets you enjoy a high-quality relaxing time with its spa, cuisine, and rooms. The Kur Garden Spa is a mixed bathing area where all customers are requested to wear a bathing suit and is good for groups and families.

In particular, one of our specialties is an open-air spa with a bathtub made from a large 45,000-year-old tree. The restaurant serves seasonal Japanese-style cuisine unique to the Yoshiwa area. It is best to stay overnight here for a relaxed time. You can relax in the comfort of the woods in Japanese-style, mixed-style and Western-style rooms. Don't miss our Kaiseki-gozen, Japan's tea ceremony dishes for dinner. A banquet service is also available for day trips.

Address: 4291 Yoshiwa Hatsukaichi City, Zip code 738-0301

Phone :+81-(0)829-77-2277

Access :

1/ Approximately 2km from Yoshiwa IC, Chugoku-express Way by car. 2/ Get off at JR Miyauchi-Kushiro Station, Sanyo Line.And then, take a bus bound for Yoshiwa (or Mominoki-Shirin-Koen).

Parking: Available ( for 500 cars, large-size bus )

8. Yuki Hot Spring

It is said that Yuki Onsen was discovered 1,500 years ago. There is a fringe of inns along the bank of the river. You can enjoy the singing of the deer and flying fireflies. Yuki Onsen is widely known to have the highest radium level of water and its abundant nature. It is also known as "Hiroshima's Okuzashiki, or guest room. It has been designated as National Recreational Hot Spring Resort of Ministry of Welfare since Showa 30. It has been used as a primary accommodation facility for visitors traveling to places like Hiroshima, Iwakuni, Sandan-Kyo gorge, and other cities. There're four accommodations in this hot spring.

1/ Kajika-so Phone 0829-85-031.  2/ Midori-so Phone 0829-85-0321 3/ Fujinoya Phone 0829-85-0411 4/ Yurai Lodge Phone 0829-85-0111

Address: Oaza-ota Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku Hiroshima City, Zip code 738-0721

Phone :+81-(0)82-504-2243

Access: 1/ Approximately 30 minutes . from Itukaichi IC and Hatsukaichi IC through Prefectural Route 41 of Sanyo Expressway 2/ Approximately 25 min. from Togochi IC and Yoshiwa IC of Chugoku Expressway by car. 3/Approximately 70 min. by bus from Itsukaichi Station South of JR Sanyo Line

Parking: Available (each inn and other 300 cars)

9. Yu-no-Yama Hot Spring

In July 1994, a multipurpose hot spring resort called "Kurhaus Yunoyama", taking advantage of its natural spring and its history was opened. The place became crowded and became famous as a health promoting place. Discovered 1170 years ago, Yunoyama is a traditional hot spring and used to flourish as a health-promoting Spa used by Hiroshima's territorial lord, Asano. It has been designated as the National Recreational Hot Spring Resort of the Ministry of Environment in 1972 and as a Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of The Country in 1974.There are two accommodations. (Morii Inn Phone 83-0403, Inn Asakawa phone 83-0419)

Address: Oaza-Wada Yuki-cho Saeki-Ku Hiroshima City, Zip code 738-0601

Phone :+81-(0)82-504-2243

Access: 1/Approximately 25 minutes by car from Itsukaichi IC and Hatsukaichi IC through prefectural route 41 of Sanyo Expressway. 2/Approximately 30 minutes from Toguchi IC and Yoshiwa IC of Chugoku Expressway

Parking: Available ( Public Parking up to150 cars. Parking at each inn. And the other parking lots with 80 cars are available).

10. Gokurakuji Onsen Arcadia Village

A modern onsen  that lies in the mountain north of Hatsukaichi that isn't too expensive for simple overnight trips to the country site. It also serves as a resort that provides many outdoor areas suitable for picnics, bbq, playgrounds and even a firefly viewing area. Bathing areas are separated for both genders, it also includes baths, a sauna as well as an outdoor rotenburo. Although reviews from Japanese are rather mixed as some prefer the "homely" feel it gives while others don't. Locals, however, agree that Arcadia Village is one of the most accessible hotspring of the area. It can take no less than 30 minutes to reach Arcadia Village and free shuttle buses are available three times per day.

Note: Tattoos are not allowed in bathing areas unfortunately.

Address: 2210 Hara, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 〒738-0031

Phone: 0829-38-2221

1/ By car: Take Route 433 North of the Hera Junction on Route 2 at Nanao Junior High School 
2/ By shuttle bus: Free buses leave from Arcadia Village at 9:00, 14:00, and 17:00 calling at Hatsukaichi City Hall and Miyauchi Kushido JR Station (30-45min)
3/ Walking: Through the Gokurakuji-yama hiking trail 


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