Best hot springs in Hakone. How to get there, prices and information.

Hakone Onsen is a famous hot spring area about an hour away from Tokyo and near to Mount Fuji, it is surrounded by beautiful greenery and it is near the Lake Ashi which makes Hakone Onsen very popular but also very enjoyable.

In the Hakone area, there are over hundred ryokans, hotels and luxurious onsens you can also find from the area beautiful nature, museums, and other attractions like the Lake Ashi and the boat rides there. Because all the area has to offer it makes for a perfect over night or weekend stay place, however, many resorts in Hakone also welcome travelers that only come there for the day. So, a day trip to Hakone onsens is possible as well

We picked out some of the best onsens for you to enjoy while staying in Hakone. But remember, most onsens are not private, which means there might be other customers there and you are meant to bath naked in most onsens.

Hakone Yumoto(箱根湯本) 

Hakone Yumoto is the gateway leading to the Hakone Onsen resort area. It is actually a small hot spring town located next to Lake Yuno (Yuno-ko) with mainly ryokan that have their own onsens. Furthermore, in the main shopping street across the station you can enjoy delicious food or take a short hike up to the So-un-ji temple through So-un Park.
The souvenir shops in the town sell many kinds of mount Fuji related souvenirs and delicious fresh seafood since Hakone is located close to the sea!

Yunessun (ユネッサン)

Yunessun is a more unique way to experience Hakone's Onsens. Yunessun is a hot spring theme park that has some very non-traditional baths, like a Wine bath, Coffee bath or a Green tea bath. Furthermore, they also have private baths, outdoor baths with beautiful scenery or a slide! At Yunessun you can wear your swim clothing as well and stay over at one of their 4 hotels close by. From Hakone-Yumoto station you can take the Hakone Tozan Bus or the Izu-Hakone Bus to Kowaki-en bus-stop where it takes around 20 minutes to reach Yunessun.

Entrance fee: 1,900 - 4,100 yen (depending on the package)
Opening hours: 09:00 - 20:00

Tenzan (天山)

Tenzan Onsen is one of Hakone’s most popular onsens. The Onsens are located a 10 minute bus ride from the Hakone Yumoto station. The place beholds several onsen baths with several specialties. A large very hot bath, one that goes into a cave, one made out of cedar, one multi-level bath and one bath that has water what is said to be good for your skin. There are also beautiful areas surrounded by trees, a restaurant, a cafe, a souvenir shop, and rest areas with tatami. Tenzan Onsen takes only 13 minutes with the Hakone Tozan bus from the Yumoto Hakone station.

Entrance fee : 1,300 yen per adult. 650 yen per child.
Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00
Website: (Japanese only)

Hakone Kamon (箱根花紋)

A luxurious onsen with 20 indoor and outdoor baths combined with an equally luxurious ryokan close to Yumoto Station, giving you the choice to stay for just the day or have an overnight stay. This onsen will provide you with the ultimate onsen experience, completed with sauna, indoor relaxation areas and some delicious tea served after your bath. If you're willing to spend a little bit more, Hakone Kamon will definitely deliver quality service and an unforgettable experience! From Yumoto Hakone Station you can take the Hakone Tozan bus that will get you to Hakone Kamon in 9 minutes.

Entrance fee: 2,000 yen per adult. 1,200 yen per child.
Opening hours: 10:30 -17:00

Hakone Yuryo (箱根湯寮)

Hakone Yuryo is a hot spring resort that comes with gorgeous large communal baths and smaller private baths. The place includes a souvenir shop, food shop, resting area and a beautiful Japanese courtyard. Hakone Yuryo also offers massages for an extra fee. From Yumoto you can get to Hakone Yuryo by a shuttle bust in 3 minutes

Entrance fee communal baths: 1,400 yen per adult. 700 yen per child.
Entrance fee private baths: 4,000 - 6,000 yen per bath
Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00 on Weekdays. 10:00 - 22:00 on Weekends

How to get to the Hakone Onsen?
The Hakone onsens are a favorited amongst travelers from Tokyo. Most onsen resorts in Hakone can be reached from Hakone Yumoto station in Hakone, where the Hakone Tozan bus (箱根登山バス) will take you to almost every onsen nearby.

To get to Hakone Yumoto station from Tokyo, it is the easiest to depart from Shinjuku Station and take the Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar” to Hakone Yumoto Station., it takes about 85 minutes.

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