Yaki Manju

Those freshly-grilled manju buns slathered with sweet miso sauce smell savory! A regional dish that has continued since the Edo Era

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Yaki manju have been loved for their down-to-earth taste since the Edo Era. The white steamed buns made from wheat and mold are brushed liberally with a special sweet miso sauce and grilled to create a traditional and refined taste treat.

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6 years ago
An acquired taste
Although it does smell amazing, I am not really a fan of the taste. However, some of my friends do like it. I guess it's just an acquired taste. I expected it to be these kinds of food to be sweet, but instead yaki manju usually is doused in soyu. It's not bad, but just what I did not expect. You should at least try it first to decide for yourself!
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