Megane Bridge

Japan’s largest arched brick bridge joining the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean

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Japan’s largest arched brick bridge. Walking along an abandoned railway line is fun with the best times being in spring and fall. Very closely located to the Nakasendo route.
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Known by its popular name Megane Bridge (Spectacles Bridge), this arched brick bridge which spans 91m in length and 31m in height is the country’s largest bridge of its type. It was built in 1892 with the opening of the Shinetsu Main Line which became a railroad transport line between Tokyo on the Pacific side and the Hokuriku region on the Sea of Japan side. At the time of its construction, Japanese officials cooperated with British engineer Pawnall who had been invited by the Japanese government to complete the Usui Line in 18 months with its 26 tunnels and 18 bridges including Megane Bridge. The Abt system of rail cars which made use of technology to get up steep slopes had been long operating since the Meiji Era over Megane Bridge, but the line was abandoned in 1963 with the advent of new train lines. However in 1993, the bridge was designated as a National Important Cultural Asset and in 2001, the walking trail course making use of the abandoned line known as the Aputo Road was created so that currently anyone can walk over the bridge.

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