Hida Furukawa

An old town filled with a nostalgic atmosphere, craftsmanship, and delicious sake. The appeal of old-style Japan is shown in this town.

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Even now, Hida Furukawa is a castle town of old residences that are lined up in rows like a checkerboard. There are many things to see and do in this small town, such as taking a stroll along the Seto River where the white-walled storehouses are located and observing traditional handicrafts.
Hida-Furukawa Station, Hida, Gifu
(0577) 73-2111

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A castle town filled with atmosphere that has been called the Inner Parlor of Takayama City

Taking about 20 minutes on the JR Takayama Main Line from Takayama City, Hida Furukawa is a castle town which still has its old residences and is arranged in a checkerboard pattern. When it comes to a representative scene for Hida Furukawa, it has to be the Seto River flowing through the town. The spectacle of about 1000 colorful koi carp swimming in the Seto with a 500m row of white-walled storehouses continues to charm visitors. After enjoying the quiet atmosphere, how about experiencing some traditional handicrafts? The Mishima Candle Shop, which has been in operation for more than 240 years, is a rare and venerable establishment making handmade Japanese candles. The materials are all natural and botanical, and the candles are well-known for their difficulty in blowing out even in a wind. In the in-store workshop, you can also observe the owner making candles as he explains the process. Bright red candles used for New Year’s and other celebrations are also perfect for home interiors and recommended as souvenirs.

Enjoy many types of excellent sake brewed with famous water

Hida Furukawa, which has been blessed by fine water made from sources such as the snowmelt from the Northern Alps, is also famous for its establishments serving excellent sake. On Ichinomachi Street, there are two sake shops which represent Hida called the Kaba Sake Brewery and the Watanabe Sake Brewery. The Kaba Sake Brewery is a famed establishment that has been operating for over 300 years. Starting with Shiramayumi and Yancha sake, there is a wide variety of sake that has become popular including Janpan which goes down like champagne. Even the building itself has been designated nationally as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property, and it plays a role in the scenery symbolizing Hida Furukawa. With prior reservations, you can also tour the sake-making process and sample the finished product. You can enjoy a building with a sense of history and several kinds of high-grade sake. Watanabe Sake Brewery is also a well-established brewery that has existed since 1870. Hourai sake, which is made from underground water from the Northern Alps and Hidahomare rice that is specifically used for brewing sake, is known for a deep taste matching sharpness and mellowness. Since this is also available for sampling, how about giving it a try?

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