This group of ponds, created from several marshes, glimmers in various shades of blue

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The mysterious changes in the blue color of the marshes is intriguing. You can see the color change depending on the sunlight and your viewpoint. Depending on the season, the view will also completely change as they melt into the surrounding nature.
Goshikinuma, Kitashiobara-mura Yama-gun, Fukushima

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The ponds that mysteriously change color

Mt. Bandai stretches over the Fukushima municipalities of Kita-Shiobara Village, Bandai Village and Inawashiro Town. A steam explosion on the mountain in 1888 created several hundred lakes and marshes. Several dozen groups of these lakes were brought together to be called Goshiki-numa (Five Colored Lakes) located within Bandai Asahi National Park. The prime feature of Goshiki-numa is that each of the lakes’ primary colors such as cobalt blue and emerald green will change depending on the angle of the light and the viewing direction. These mysterious changes in color along with the surrounding Mother Nature inevitably soothe the hearts of visitors.

Touring Goshiki-numa via scenic nature trail

Walking along Goshiki-numa Walking Trail, you can observe 10 ponds along the way. You can also see the giant red pines that were planted following the eruption of Mt. Bandai. If you decide to make your way around the famous ponds at Goshiki-numa, then going by this scenic trail is recommended. The largest of the ponds, Bishamon-numa Pond is an attractive cobalt-blue where you can also face the grand Mt. Bandai and even get on a boat. There is Aka-numa Pond with its beautiful green and the surrounding thick reddish-brown moss, Midoro-numa Pond where the clarity of the blue differs on the east and west ends of the pond, Benten-numa Pond which has Mt. Agatsuma in the background, Ruri-numa Pond which changes color depending on where you view it, Ao-numa Pond which shines in pale blue, and Yagi-numa Pond which is astounding during autumn. On the trail which goes as far as 3.7 kilometers, you can also observe wild birds and Mt. Bandai, and in summer and autumn, the fresh greenery and fall foliage are beautiful. The minerals that were thrown forth after the eruption of Mt. Bandai dissolved into the water, and the amount and quality of the mineral matter were responsible for the colors that change depending on the amount of the light and the angle of view. This is a course where you can experience the brilliance of the mysterious ponds and the beauty of grand nature which differs depending on the season.

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6 years ago
I could not believe my eyes when I saw the goshikinuma. It appeared to be blue, green, red, and light blue... I just can't describe the beauty of the lakes. Honestly, at first I thought my eyes were photoshoping the lakes, it was just outstanding! Nice hike with BEAUTIFUL lakes. Better bring a bug spray though!
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