Where is a typical place to have dinner in Shinuku area not too expensive but good Japanese food..  We will be staying at the Keio Plaza in Tokyo. 



Hi Debra!

Here's a few option for your question.

A personal favorite of mine is this restaurant called Negishi (map). This is a Japanese restaurant famous for their beef tongue dishes. You can also get grilled or fried chicken meat dishes and pork. Prices vary between 1000yen - 3000yen.

For a more traditional Japanese restaurant, you could try these sushi restaurants in the area 

Himawari Zushi Shintoshin (map)

Itamae Sushi Nishi-Shinjuku (map)


Here's another option for some udon and ramen restaurant

Shin-udon (map)

Ichiran Ramen Shinjuku East - Exit (map) -> this one might be crowded since it is really famous among tourist.


Hope this helps!