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Hi Tong!
In march 2017 the temperature in sado for March was around 28º celcius, which is pretty good. Early february may be a little bit colder. Also, in both months its usually sunny for most of the time, which is very good.

Osado skyline is open so you don't need to worry!
I'd say that every or most major sights are open at that time because it is the beginning of the high season.

I recommend taking a look at this itinerary:

Tong UL

 Thanks Ashley.

Thinking of visiting in late Feb and early March.

I canot read Japanese, but it seems there is only 1 bus tour in the winter :

Would you know if the tour covers Osado skyline ?

Unfortunatley I do not drive, so cannot rent a car.



hmmm I'm not sure if it covers the skyline.. but here I found some other tours for Sado as well, and in english, maybe it could help you:

You can ask those guides as well for more details that are hard to find in english and they are sure to help you out

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