Traveling in Osaka

Is it worth it to get both the JR Kansai West Pass AND the Kansai Thru Pass? We’re staying for 4 days, Hotel at Dotonburi.  Going to USJ, Kaiyukan, Nara Park, Kobe, Umeda Sky Bldg, Shinsaibashi and wherever else. Please help! Thanks. 

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your question. 

I say only the Kansai Thru pass is okay. You can use Kansai Thru Pass for going to Shinsaibashi, Nara Park, Kobe, free pass for Umeda Sky Bldg and other facilities. ( You can walk to Shinsaibashi from Dotonbori though. ) And also transportation between Kansai international airport to Dotonbori by Nankai line. 

I hope you will enjoy your trip in Kansai!