Exchanging Japanese Yen

Hello, I'm thinking of spending around $8,000 USD for 2 people during my trip to Japan for a 18-day trip in December to January.

I was wondering whether it is better to:

A) Exchange JPY from my own currency in my country

B) Exchange JPY from my own currency in Japan

C) Exchange to USD in my country and then from USD to JPY when I arrive in Japan

D) Any other recommendations?

Thank you.

Generally, the Yen tends to be an uncommon currency in western countries, which makes its expensive to buy it outside of Japan.

I know for a fact that in some countries, it is cheaper to exchange their currency to USD and exchange from USD to JPY when they arrive in Japan than to change from their local currency directly to JPY in their own country.

So my personal recommendation is usually: Change to USD in your country and change from USD to JPY when you arrive in Japan.

Every case is different, but that is what works better for a lot of people.