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It depends what time you arrive in Kyoto, but if you're arriving early then I would go to the furthest Arashiyama first and then visit Kinkaku-ji, Nishiki market, and Fushimi Inari. If you're arriving around noon, then I would give up going to Arashiyama because you probably won't have any time. And about the Cup Noodle Museum, its in Yokohama not Kyoto, so you won't be able to visit it. If you have a free day while in Tokyo, you can visit Yokohama as a day trip from there. 

Tina United States

So let's say i opt out Arashiyama, is there anything else near by Fushimi Inari that I can explore?


Hi Tina.

Not really, usually people just go to the Fushimi Inari temple, climb the mountain and leave.
There are some shops and restaurants around but you will spend your precious time going somewhere else in the city

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