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Hello Ellora!

Sorry for the delay, I did a quick research and here's what I think would work best for you.


So, based on the information you gave me, it seems you're planning to stay in Kyoto and take a daytrip to Osaka, right?

If so, then I suggest you stay near Kyoto station, since it has the easiest access (by train) to reach Osaka (around 30-45 minutes)


If so, then the second option is best (Hotel Station Kyoto Honkan 2-star hotel - 600-8148 Kyoto, Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku Ameyamacho 260, Japan), distance wise. The other two options seem to be further away and would be a little bit inconvenient.

As for price-wise, I could see that depending on the date of your travel, the price varies. However, from what I see the differences for basic price for twin rooms, the Oyado Nishikoyo and Hotel Station Kyoto Honkan seems to be quite similar.

As for the Urakara Guest House, the price is significantly lower. However, it is quite far from 1) Kyoto Station. 2) It is also still quite far from the nearest train/subway station, and then you need to change to a bus if you don't want to walk too far.


So in my opinion, I think it would be better if you stay at your Hotel Station Kyoto Honkan.


Hope this helps!


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