Japan 9 day 8 night Itinerary ideas with JR 7 days pass

I am planning to travel to Tokyo > kyoto > Osaka > Nara > Nagoya > Gala Yuzawa & Nikko in early March.I will touch down & depart from Narita airport. 

I already buy 7day JR pass for the trip.
Does JR pass cover tourist attraction in Kansai region?  

Do I still need to buy Kansai thru pass or other related pass for tourist attraction in Kansai region?
Is it worth it just to use the JR pass to cover the tourist attraction in Kansai Region ? 

Kindly refer my planned itinerary : 

Kyoto : 2 days
Osaka : 1 day
Nagoya : 1 day
Nara : half day
Galay Yuzawa : 1day
Nikko : 1day
Tokyo : rest of the remaining days

 Kindly suggest a suitable itinerary or tourist attraction that I can cover as per above plan.

Thanks in advance

I believe your itinerary is a bit rushed.

You could perhaps skip  Nagoya.
If you stay in Kyoto, you can visit the cities around like Nara and Osaka, since they are not so far away, you can go by regular train.

And from Tokyo, you can go to nikko and the ski station. Just mind the crowds during the weekends. If you have the opportunity, it is better to visit the ski stations on weekdays