Info on the JR Pass

A lot of visitors to Japan seem to purchase the JR Pass when they visit. It’s not cheap, so before purchasing it, I’d like to know more about it. What is a JR Pass? Do I absolutely need one? And if I do, when should I activate it?

The JR Pass is a special rail pass in Japan designed to allow tourists to have unlimited travel on JR services. This includes some – but not all – of the trains and buses in Japan.

The JR Pass is useful for those who want to travel around mostly by Shinkansen (bullet train). It only makes sense to buy a JR Pass if you are going to be traveling long distances by Shinkansen. 

Note that the best JR Pass for you might not cover your entire time in Japan. You might be in Japan for 14 days, but find the most cost-effective way of traveling is to buy a 7-day pass, so you should plan your trip itinerary accordingly.

Gregory - thank you for the info, I'll look into getting one

Here's a list of prices for JR pass if you need as well:

Japan Rail Pass
Green Car
7 consecutive days
29,110 yen
38,880 yen
14 consecutive days
46,390 yen
62,950 yen
21 consecutive days
59,350 yen
81,870 yen
Reduced rates (50% off) apply to children aged 6-11.

You can know more about the JR pass in this video:

JR Rail Pass JR Rail Pass is a regular ticket, also known as a JR ticket, sold separately for foreigners to use when visiting Japan. This ticket is not sold in the country but must be ordered overseas before visitors enter Japan. In Japan, the train system grows and the speed of trains is not too much when traveling by plane and the capacity of trains is much higher. In addition, the price of JR tickets is much cheaper than air tickets and you can buy a JR ticket but can go a lot.