Creepiest Japanese Ghost Stories and Urban Legends?

Hello everyone, I'm really into urban legends and mystery. Japan is a country with such a rich culture and has so many stories of ghosts, spirits, possessed toys, haunted homes, and forests..

I'd like some recommendations on the creepiest and best ghost stories so I can research more about them, can you help? Thank you!

Hi Amy! you are right, I'd so glad you think that as well.
First of all, you should definitely watch this video:
t is one of the best Japan legends video I've seen out there.

Second of all, I'll list here for you some interesting stories, you can find more about them on the web. I find the toilet ones so funny).


Japanese horror films are, without a doubt, the most frightening. This is because the urban legends that arise in Japan are to make the hair shiver and even make the sleep of those people more fearful. They are stories that make lovers of bizarre tales want to hear them several times, without tiring.

Gathered here are 10 urban legends that arose in the Land of the Rising Sun. Some of them have inspired such highly successful horror films as The Scream. Would you dare visit the Inunaki Village or meet the Okiku doll? Arm yourself with courage, check out these really gruesome stories and decide whether to believe it or not.

01 - Kushisake Onna
If you are in Japan, be very careful walking down a street late at night. You can receive the visit of Kushisake Onna, whose name means "the woman with the mouth divided". And a suggestion: do not try to run away from it, because she may not like it very much and teleport in front of you. Anyway, it's not going to look really cool for you.

She shows up wearing a surgical mask and a coat and then asks, "Am I pretty?" If you say no, she'll cut your head off with a large pair of scissors that she carries. If you say yes, then she takes off the mask, revealing her mouth cut from ear to ear.

And then comes the second part. She asks again, "What now?" If your answer changes and you say no, it will cut you in half. And if you answer yes, then you will be just like her, for Kushisake will also cut off your mouth.

02 - Hitobashira
Hitobashira means "human pillars" in Portuguese and this legend arose in ancient Japan. People believed that it was necessary to make sacrifices to the gods so that their constructions would always be protected and become strong and stable.

How were these sacrifices made? They sealed people on the pillars of their buildings and, if the gods liked what was done, the buildings lasted for years and years. However, they would always be haunted by the people who were trapped on the walls.

03 - Teke Teke
No one knows the name of the haunting nor much information about him. All that is known is that a nice girl fell on the subway rails (or jumped, there are several versions) and was cut in half by the train. But she never got rid of the hurt and anger she felt about it.

So even without the legs, she moves her trunk quickly through the streets looking for revenge. If you are unlucky enough, she can cut you in half with a scythe that drags with you. Ah, "teke teke teke" is the sound she makes when moving using only her elbows.

04 - Aka Mantle
Never sit on the toilet when no toilet paper is available. Aka Mantle (meaning "red cape") may be waiting for you. He is an evil spirit that haunts the Japanese toilets.

If you sit in the toilet and have no paper, he will ask you, "Do you want red paper or blue paper?" If you choose red, you will be cut into pieces. If you choose blue, you will be strangled to death.

In other versions, if you choose red paper, people will find your body totally skinless, and if you choose blue, your blood will drain out of your body to death.

05 - Tomino's Inferno
"Tomino's Hell" (or "Tomino's Hell") is a poem written by Yoomta Inuhiko and found in a book called "The Heart Is Like A Rolling Stone." It was also included in the 27th collection of poems by Saizo Yaso in 1919. He tells the story of Tomino, who dies and goes directly to hell.

However, it is a cursed poem that kills, without mercy or pity, all the people who read it aloud. If you are very lucky, you may not die, but of course many bad things will happen in your life.

06 - Cow Head
One day, during a school trip, already inside the travel bus, a teacher began to tell horror stories to entertain his students. They all listened intently without interrupting. But when he began to tell a story called "Cow's Head," the students screamed, begging for the teacher to stop.

However, the teacher was in a kind of trance and could not stop telling the story. When he came back to himself, both the bus driver and all the students collapsed and foamed through his mouth. The story is not known, but some students could not stop sweating and shivering and died a few days later.

07 - The Okiku Doll
This is a real case. Okiku had a doll that wore a kimono and she was the girl's inseparable friend. But one day Okiku died of cold and his spirit returned, possessing the toy. Now Okiku's doll hair grows and no one has an explanation for it. It is stored in the Mannenji Temple in Japan.

Before being possessed, the doll had short hair. But over time, it has grown and is now long. No one knows how hair continues to grow, but scientific studies have concluded that hair is a child's. Maybe Okiku.

08 - The Girl from the Gap
Some Japanese homes have many gaps and cracks scattered around every room. And in these places lives an evil spirit in the form of a girl. She is among the furniture, the doors or drawers and is always looking for someone to play with.

If she finds you, she'll ask you to play hide-and-seek. If you accept the joke, the second time you look into the girl's eyes within a gap, you will be taken to another dimension (or to hell, since no one ever came back to report).

09 - Inunaki Village
This is a mysterious village that is totally isolated from other Japanese villages. Even the Japanese have difficulty finding it, which raises some doubt as to whether it really exists. Some people who claim to have found it say that, at the entrance, there is a plaque that says, "The constituent laws of Japan do not apply here."

According to reports, the people there live in an extremely strange way. Incestos, cannibalisms and murders are very common there. For some reason, no electronic gadget works in this village. There are old shops and public phones, but you can not call anyone. Many people have already been to this village, but no one has ever returned.

10 - Kiyotaki Tunnel
This tunnel was built in 1927 and is haunted by workers who died there as slaves while building it. It has 444 meters (it is known that the number 4 is cursed for the Orientals, as the number 13 is for the westerners), however, its size may vary depending on whether you measured it in the morning or at night.

People report that ghosts can be seen in this tunnel at night. They can even get in the car and scare people, causing fatal accidents. There is also a mirror in the tunnel and if you look at it and see a ghost you will suffer a horrible death.

HELLO!!!! can you please make some more? yes this is a long time ago

          One urban legend of the japanese tales that chilled me the most was "The Purple Mirror" 

            The tale goes like this; a girl got a mirror for her 13th birthday. She thought she was ugly so she did a lot of diets and workouts that made her look really pretty in the mirror. On the day before her 23 birthday, she remodeled her room, painting her mirror's frame purple. The day after (her birthday) she dressed in a nice dress and went to admire her reflection once again. When she gazed into the mirror, she noticed that she was skinny to the point that her ribs shown through her silk dress and her cheeks and eye sockets were dark and sunken. She had promised that she would go a certain place to celebrate with her family. So she got in her car and dove to the park with shame. Halfway there, she got in a car crash. Her dead body, dragged out of the flaming ruins, was recorded muttering "purple mirror... Mirror! Purple mirror, purple..." and so on... 

          The story is chilling to me  And I'm scared. Even though I know I shouldnt be.