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Hi Gabriel!
To get a Japanese visa to WORK, first, you will need to finish university and have a degree. That is required in order to apply for the visa, if you don't have a degree, there's a very low chance.

Once you have a degree, you need to find a company who would like to hire you. There are many companies, you need to search, send your resume and such.

It is quite difficult, but not impossible, to find a company who would hire you without interviewing in person. The best is if you could live in Japan for a while with a student visa, and while here, you search for a job.

You can work part-time during your college years in Portugal, save up some money and pay for a year of Japanese course in Tokyo or Osaka. This way you can get a student visa for a while, and find a job while being here.

Once you find a job, the company will sponsor your work visa. With the student visa, you can get a permit at the city hall and work part-time for the company before the work visa is ready. Also, make sure to say to the immigration when you arrive in Japan, that you would like to work part-time. They can make your permit immediately upon arriving in the country as well.

I hope this information helps! Focus and follow your dreams, you can do it!

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