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Well, there are a lot of areas you could go in 10 days. You could probably go around the outer part of Hokkaido in a big circle if you wanted to. Why don't you start by making a list of what you want to see? I would definitely recommend going to the Shiretoko World Heritage area since you have so much time. Hakodate is also a small but beautiful place, and if you like skiing why not take a few days in Niseko resort to go skiing? This website of tours should also give you a good idea for things you want to see.

As for the outdoor Onsen with good train access, why not try Noboribetsu Onsen? Many of the hotels on this website say they have the "rotenburo" or outdoor onsen inside their facilities. and it's only 1 hour 10 min. by train from Sapporo.


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