Stamps and Seals from Temples and Shrines

Hello there!

I am planning a trip to Kyushu this August (I know, not the best time to go) and have planned to hit up several shrines and temples while I am there.  I started collecting the shuin  stamps when I lived in Japan and would like to continue during my visit.  For the shrine and temples that you've listed in you Top 8 Most Beautiful Temples and Shrines in Fukuoka, do all of them have shuin  stamps to your knowledge? Do you happen to know if these temples and shrines have more than one stamp for the different halls like some places in Kyoto?  I was just curious...  Thanks for any advice you can give me!


Lauren Hurley

Hi Lauren,

All of 8 temple has shuin stamps. Most of them have only one but Dazaifu and Nanzo In and Miyajidake has several. 

Especially Miyajidake has 8 stamps but you need to go 8 different small shrines in MIyajidake shrine.

I hope I can answer what you would like to know!


Enjoy your trip in Fukuoka!