Sights in Ehime

Aoshima (Cat Island)

The small island in the Seto Inland Sea has a human population of 15 compared to the far larger feline population of ...

Niihama Taiko Festival

A gorgeous and grand festival of male bravado in appreciation of the autumn during a good harvest year

Mt. Kiro Observatory Park

An observation point which boasts the best view of the Shimanami Kaido at the Seto Inland Sea

Dogo Onsen

One of the Three Ancient Springs of Japan, this is a traditional hot spring that evokes the atmosphere of one of the ...

Garyu Sanso Villa

A masterpiece of architecture that evokes craftsmanship overlooking the picturesque Hiji River

Matsuyama Castle

A famed valuable castle which is unique even in Japan with its original 400-year-old appearance

Mt. Ishizuchi

One of the 100 Famous Mountains in Japan, the view from the highest peak in western Japan is overwhelming

Tobe Zoological Park

Boasting the largest zoo in western Japan, you can encounter 170 species of animals from around the world

Uwajima Castle

The castle has a surviving keep using clever construction techniques devised by a master castle builder, Takatora

Towel Museum Ichihiro

The world’s first art museum to exhibit the culture of towels located inside Setonaikai National Park

Isaniwa Shrine

A nationally-designated Important Cultural Property proudly boasting its valuable architecture

Botchan Ressha (Botchan Train)

The retro locomotive runs through the city of literature and hot springs, Matsuyama

Matsuyamajō Ropeway

A scenic ropeway climbing up to the mountain top castle

Ishite-ji Temple

Located close to Dogo Onsen, Ishite-ji is one of the Shikoku pilgrimage sites with a proud collection of cultural ass...