An area with a variety of attractions including Tokyo Disney Resort and Narita Airport

Area Characteristics

Chiba Prefecture, which has the aerial gateway to Japan in the form of Narita International Airport, is adjacent to Tokyo so there is good access from the megalopolis and there are numerous sightseeing spots. This is an area with a great variety of attractions including Mt. Narita Shinsho-ji Temple and Suigo-no-machi around the airport, the Hokuso area with Katori, Minami-Boso and Kujukuri with their marine recreation, and the bay area with Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea and the international convention center at Makuhari Messe. The prefecture is also blessed with rich sources of nature such as deep green woodlands and magnificent scenery along the sea coast.

Major Sites

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea is collectively called Tokyo Disney Resort which is a spot representing Chiba with hotels, shopping malls and movie theaters among other facilities. Places near Narita Airport such as the historic Mt. Narita Shinsho-ji Temple, Mt. Narita Omotesando and Mt. Narita Park are popular even with overseas visitors. Funabashi Andersen Park and Mother Farm are fun for families. And there is plenty of shopping through places such as Shisui Premium Outlets and Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari.



Peanuts and soft rice crackers (nure senbei) are famous in Chiba. Also popular are dishes like Katsuura tantanmen noodles, Takeoka ramen, Funabashi sauce ramen, and turban shell curry. For souvenirs, there is peanut pie, peanut-shaped wafer shells filled with azuki bean jam (rakkasei monaka) and loquat jelly.



Trains are quick and convenient to reach sightseeing spots near the capital such as Narita Airport and Tokyo Disney Resort. For Tateyama and Shirahama in the Minami-Boso area, Katsuura in the Sotobo Area and Kamogawa, renting a car to drive over the Aqualine is also good.



There are plenty of accommodations for each area in Chiba Prefecture. Naturally along with the vicinity around Narita Airport, there are a number of hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort, and many similar facilities along the sea coast at Tateyama, Katsuura and Kujukuri.